Need Opinions on my game Hunters Call

cangame 101 Dec 25, 2012 at 22:54

Well been working on this for a month or so


Video Preview: Click Here

Our contributors page:

Website: [url=””][/url]

Facebook Game Page:

were hoping that when enough contributions is earned we can hire more to improve on the game

-Play as either a male or female character

-The game is split into scenarios (each scenario contains 3-4 levels)

-Purchase over 25 weapons using C-Coins in various ingame cities and headquarters.

-damage system that shows how much damage enemies take when using various weapons and ARM attacks

  • 7 sub-weapons

-capture over 20+ Arms not including contributor Arms using Data Disks. Can you collect them all?

  • Online leaderboards for each levels including bosses to compete online allowing for cross-platform capability via (view leaderboards at end of each missions and at headquarters can you reach the top 10?)

-Earn achievements in game as well as online using

-Post your scores/achievements on twitter and facebook via

-Show off your collection of ARMs to others via facebook, forums (in the works)

-various blood, bullet animations, as well as slash animations

-Storyplay using chat bubbles and various cutscenes

What is an ARM?

ARMs are cybernetic tools created by mankind to assist humans in combat. ARMs come in many forms varying from; Animals, Beasts, Humans, Ancient Weapons, Robots, and Demons.

Character bio:


Ayume tends to be quiet but yet dangerous when holding fire-arms. Her background is a mystery and no one know how she joined the organization. She is shown slight love interests to Kaine the male protagonist.



A cold-hearted guy who tends to speak his mind no matter who he faces and meets along his journey. Rumors say that Kaines parents were the ones who developed ARMs for use however his background remains a mystery.

The only person Kaine has a hard time interacting with is Ayume; of whom he tends to either run away from her due to being embarrased as he is in love with her.

Which Platforms will Hunters Call: Monster Warfare be released for?

-PC (chrome webstore, client, store, cangame store)

-Mobile (possible release to the IOS market depending on funds earned and compatibility which will then be released for android) Those who contribute to our development will get exclusive beta access to test it on mobile.

-Tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy)


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PixUnit 101 Jan 26, 2013 at 17:05

Love the idea, seems like a great concept. Keep your eye on the details, people like when everything is in place. :)