MMO P2P or F2P concept model

Foamkitty 101 Dec 19, 2012 at 23:17

Ok so… I have this concept for an MMO. The general idea is that you’re in a forest. You’re not human in this game, but a creature (and no, it doesn’t look like a Pokemon, thank god… with some work I managed to keep it real).

So the idea is that you have no weapons or armor. Everything is designed to be fair this way, keeping in mind that clothing can boost stats via cash shop. Any in-game clothes will just be atheticly pleasing.

So, you start out fighting with your “bare hands” so-to-speak. Skills/abilities will determine the scope of those attacks, and some can even be bought in cash shop.

The base price of a P2P model will be cheap per month payment… nothing too pricey to start with.

There will even be special maps only accessible with tickets or an item bought through cash shop. Tickets will be one-time use (but can be given out in bundles), but a special item will have a weekly, or monthly limit on it to allow some time for the player to use it for certain areas that require more use.

Any thoughts on this model? I even have other things involving skills and stats in the game, including accessories. There are no classes in this game, but there might be a secondary race when I complete the one for now. But that can be later in the development based on opinions and feedback.

The game is also structured to be pointed towards casual gamers along with action-adventure-type gamers to keep things balanced.

There will also be other cash-related items that will be added later in the development of the game which will add more features that can be associated with the credit obtained within the game itself. Yet that’s not on the list of what needs to be done for now.

Any thoughts so far?

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rouncer 103 Dec 20, 2012 at 01:43

well, you havent said anything new? sure, itll work - but its been done a million times before.

what are the creatures like anyway?

Foamkitty 101 Dec 20, 2012 at 18:01

They’re like dog-type creatures. Still working on the design of them, but I have a few sketches.

I’m working towards a 3D MMO.

trekiros 101 Jan 10, 2013 at 13:26

The price model seems wrong. If your target audience are casual players, monthly fees + pay2win don’t work very well together. Monthly fees make the newer players flee, and pay2win makes your more faithful players flee. A solution would be to have a free 1 week trial of the game, of course, but most casuals will download the game thinking ‘I’ll just delete it once the free week is over’, unless their friends make them stay.
There are several types of casual friendly MMOs out there already :
-social games and some mobile games, which make their money out of either ads or buyable powerups (aka pay2win without the competition).
-a few free2play like transformice, dofus etc…(the other free2play making most of their money by being addictive, they don’t really belong to the casual friendly category) Which usually make their money out of premium memberships which unlock content.
As for locked areas every month that you can unlock for money, that’s just another form of monthly fee, except a lot of work goes to waste each month, when you delete the area. And it’s a lot of trouble to design (When you delete the map, where do the people that are there or were there when they disconnected go ? Do you have a main area where you end up whenever you log on ? Cause that greatly reduces the incentive to explore, to begin with) I know dofus has that : most higher level areas are premium only, and have greater rewards in them, as well as locked content such as pvp arenas. Idk if their premium membership is for life or monthly.

As for the game itself, I couldn’t tell, but that’s mainly because the main history plot and art theme you’ve revealed us so far is ‘you’re a combat dog in a forest full of other combat dogs’. No classes make sense, they add more diversity but that’s not what your target players look for.