help with density functions

rouncer 103 Nov 20, 2012 at 13:16

Hi, ive got my new project underway, and its a super sized volume visualizer. f(x,y,z) it comes out in a voxel cloud.
Heres a few screenshots so far…





Only problem is, that displaced block must have something wrong with its equation, because its disturbing the boolean operations, the sphere on the other hand works fine.

Whats the best way to write a density function for a displacement mapped block?

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rouncer 103 Nov 21, 2012 at 07:44

got it, you just and planes together, bit more work yet tho before ill be making something proper with it. give me a week from now, ill update this post again later. next on the books is a road crafter. (which should double as a curved wall maker, pipe bender etc etc…)
on my cruddy amd card, these 2 walls probably took about 5 seconds each to cloud out of the shader. id really love to see a gtx690 hammer out a 65536x65536 (which is the max limit at the moment) terrain in 15 minutes, i can only guess tho.

Just for the record, im using 64\^3 chunks, i find its a nice size cause you dont blow your cache so quick with a 512x512 texture, which is enough to fit 64 cubed perfect.


Yes, my signature possibly means this program, the disk print for a 65536x65536x8192 level is phenomenal storing, One thing I thought of might be to not release the game with the data, and you actually have to generate it on install of the game, that was one solution I thought of.