Naval RTS - Do you think it would be a nice game?

Namaco 101 Oct 26, 2012 at 20:04

HI there! I was always a fan of RTS games specially first one I ever played was Command and Conquer Red Alert and well I am as well a naval fan, I was suppose to join Royal Navy ((UK)) or Navy in my homeland ((Poland)) however cannot due health issues :P

So either way I always wanted to play some game where navy is involved, there aint many that are 3D RTS where your view is from top and you command one ship so I decided to try give it a go making a game but havent said I Will yet, what I am planning first is to get feedback and ideas this is why I created a GDD however it is not finished! Not even close to finished but ready to show whats the game going to be about :P

Nevertheless here is the GDD:….aERCZHBSZXFvaTA in here you will find full story which is not completed!
and of course features etc etc.

And I have done a little draft of first GUI of the game from ingame battle, yet to do of GUI’s are Game Start Menu, Skirmish Mode, Multiplayer and Campaign.


And in case no the boxes wouldnt be that big in the game, this is only a concept.
About this GUI draft sorry about the writing, I was never good in writing full capitals and It toke me a bit of time doing it while being tried :P either way I will not give up on the game :D

Tell me what you think, any suggestions etc? Got any questions? ask straight away :D
And yes the game is not yet named.

P.S. If any concept art would like to help me out please PM me! I would love to ask if someone could help me at least get one ship drawn as concept art ((I know I gotta post that in recruitment section but since I am showing for feedback etc it would be nice to ask if anyone could help out :P))

Thank you!

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m0d 101 Aug 04, 2013 at 05:02

I know this is an old post but I am very curious if you are still working on this? I myself have searched both ends of the galaxy for a naval RTS game that’s free to play whether browser or iphone/android systems. I would be glad to join heads and help with graphics, ideas, web development, etc.