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sxintiasz21 101 Aug 03, 2012 at 14:05

We’re about to do a project in school. to redesign and code the selected game here at
Our first concerned is the redesigned thing. we chose this game http://illuminations…ail.aspx?ID=198
can i ask what software is best to use to redesign this and how? i have no ideas. But im willing to learn any tips and guides.
can i also ask how is that game being made? what programming language etc.
Sorry for my english. hope you could help me guys.

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jbadams 102 Aug 13, 2012 at 07:10

What do you mean exactly by “software to redesign” it? Design is normally done with a combination of graphics software, word processing software, pen and paper, and perhaps a white-board. You might approach your task by creating a flow-chart detailing the player’s progress through the available menus and gameplay screens, and create diagrams for how you would like to lay out each screen. It can often help to create a couple of imaginary players, and track how a typical gameplay session might go for those people. Being a relatively simple game you could easily create a playable prototype by cutting out and drawing bits and pieces on paper.

As for how that game is made: It’s a Flash game. There are a number of approaches, but the common ones would be to use the official Flash software from Adobe (which your school might have?), or to use FlashDevelop with HaXe or ActionScript (which is probably more common).

You could however also easily approach the task with HTML5/JavaScript.

What sort of experience do you already have? Do you already know any languages? Are there any requirements for what languages or tools can be used?
Do you need to re-create the game as a web-game, or can your version be for desktop (which may be simpler as a beginner)?
Do you have to code, or could you approach the problem using a simple tool such as Construct 2 or Game Maker (again, making things simpler for you at the expense of learning more about coding)?