dragozing 101 Jul 28, 2012 at 20:26

Okay, my little brother wants to create his own game. But he has no intel on any programming code. I cant help him because neither do i… but has a very talented drawing skill and would love to make these drawings to come to life! I need something free, easy, and 2D or 3D designer tool..

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TheNut 179 Jul 29, 2012 at 13:27

What interests your brother most? Does he like to draw art with his hands and a pencil or would he be comfortable modelling with his mouse and keyboard? If he likes to use his hands, I would suggest investing in a pen tablet and using software like Inkscape or Gimp (free alternatives to Adobe products) to get his art onto the computer, which can then be used in a 2D game. If he likes to model the figure of a human being starting only with a single box, then I would suggest Blender 3D. These models can then be used by 3D programmers. Alternatively, these 3D models can be animated into movies such as Final Fantasy VII and Wall-E, so your brother isn’t limited to just games. If your brother gets really good at this, he could use his skills for substituting CGI in film.

I don’t suggest your brother get into programming. It’s a bit of a stretch for an artist to jump into computer logic. It’s better for him to excel at what he does best and then advertise his work to recruiters.

fireside 141 Jul 30, 2012 at 10:31

He might want to look at Gamemaker. I don’t agree that he should stay only with art if he’s interested in games. It depends on what he likes to do, etc. Some people specialize, some don’t. It definitely won’t hurt to know how art is used in games.
If he can handle a little more language, there is Love2d, or Python with Pygame.

alphadog 101 Aug 04, 2012 at 17:57

There’s a language called Processing. it’s oriented for learning to program and very visually-oriented. Take a look to see if it’d be an interesting way to introduce programming to your brother.

exploreRPG 101 Aug 19, 2012 at 22:27

Depending on his skill level you are welcome to check out my game development tools. I have a suite of tools designed for artists, and indie gamers to build 2D style role playing games.. Not all the apps are free, but you are welcome to take a look.. I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Explorations RPG Editor - Is my flagship product for build RPGs. Its a database driven, cross-platform resource and script editor.

InstaRender - A 2D/Isometric character rendering client. I can host poser style sprites and animation sequences, and props to provide a standard .BMP animation sheet/ frames for game developers.

eMotions - the OpenGL script controlled “player” for Explorations games. eMotions is a stand alone app and depending on your skill level can create any type of arcade games. This app will be also migrated to Android/iOS so all Explorations RPGs will play on mobile devices instantly. (One editor, all platforms.)

With my latest release, all of these apps run solid on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04LTS (WINE).


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