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TheSeaCucumber 101 Jul 24, 2012 at 22:21 c++ gameplay

Hello Everyone, I just joined this forum to share my idea. An open source trading card game. I plan on having users being able to design their own cards for use in game, and I have listed some ideas below. I will continually update this first post regarding the game design, so check often.

My ideas so far:

Free Cards v0.1 - 7/24/2012


Each Deck of cards has one leader which is placed on the field at the beginning of the game.

Each leader has a different leadership rating, magic skill, combat skill, and essence type required to field them. NOTE: The leader is always put down first, but the majority of your deck has to be of the leader’s type.

Pre-Coding Design Phase

*5 Cards Per Hand

Start with 20 life, when life hits 0, you lose ((I need a better idea for a win/loss system and a health system))

*Six Basic Elements - *Water, Air, Earth, *Fire, Dark, Light

Each Monster has attack, speed, and defense.

Turns go like this:

((Energy Phase)) Player A first plays essences. ((Summon Phase)) Then, he/she summons creatures, equipment, etc. ((Check Phase)) The player checks for any affects on cards that would affect the player, ((ex: lose 1 life per turn)). Player B repeats the same process.

Attack/Battle Phase: Both players declare what actions they take ((actions being attacking with a monster, playing damaging spells, etc.)) and execute them. The player whose leader has a higher leadership skills always goes first for spells, but for monsters, monsters with higher speed attack first.

Different Combinations of Elements

Earth+Earth = Gravity
Air+Earth = Dust
Water+Air = Steam
Earth+Fire = Lava
Earth+Air = Dust
Fire+Water = Stone
Light+Gravity = Time

*Each basic element has its own essence for use in conjuring creatures or casting spells.
Complex elements (Gravity, Dust, Steam, Lava, Stone, Time) require you to combine the essences to create quintessences.

*Each turn, each essence (or quintessences) create one energy of that type.

*Each summon requires a certain energy cost of one or more of a certain element. Some will require a choice of two or three energies.

Each element has a certain summon set, AKA creatures that use energy of the appropriate type to summon.
-In Addition, they will have a spell set, AKA spells that damage the enemy, add health, boost monster power, etc.



NOTE: I need artists for cards for the future. But please, do not contact me about art this soon, the game is no where near final and many things are subject to change.

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