Odd PIX Playback Failure

SuperPixel 101 Jul 24, 2012 at 02:44


Hi all,

I’m getting crazy to understand why pix does not playback at all !! I googled to find people that had a

similar problem but none of the post have been very useful.

I get that problem only during single frame capture in PIX (which is the only way to debug shaders).
If I try capture a replayable direct3d call stream on disk I don’t get that error but unfortunately I can’t debug the shaders either because It’s possible only with single frame capture (F12).
Also, I checked the swap chain desc values and they are definitely correct.
My program starts perfectly from visual studio and perfectly if I double click on the executable as well.
I do not understand why PIX can’t playback correctly if I start an experiment and I do a single frame capture of Direct3D.

One last thing: the d3d debug trace is perfect and I don’t get any warning nor errors.

Thanks in advance for any reply

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