The Hunt - looking for feedback

derptomi 101 Jul 12, 2012 at 07:39

Sorry if I have chosen the wrong forum section. This game basically stands only on gameplay design - for sure its not the assets that could make it interesting:D - and therefor it seem to fit here.

Its my first game and first time I ever programmed anything so, yeah…

It works best in Firefox and requires two players at one keyboard. Its version 0.1a so you need to realod the page after the game ends to start it again:D

Here is the link:

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Eielef 101 Dec 04, 2012 at 23:51

I think it’s a cool idea!! So sad I don’t have anyone else to play with right now, but I’ll definitely will try it out with my friend tomorrow :lol:
Sometimes simple things are just cool. I actually believe that this concept has potential. With some better graphics (like actual people instead of white blocks) it would be a fine game, but anyway, I really like the game as it is.

I’m kind of new in the developing games world, but I think you did a great job for being your first time. You finished a game! I still haven’t been able to acomplish that! :wacko: So, congrats. And I hope you keep programming cooler stuff.


P.D: What is the languaje you used?

P.P.D: Ops, I just realised that this was posted like 4 months ago :D. I wonder if that guy will ever read my reply.