Looking for a Game Engine that allows Multiplayer Placement of Static Meshes on Terrain

Jgolden 101 Jun 12, 2012 at 17:02

I am looking for a game engine with multiplayer support that allows for players to place objects in the terrain. (eg. in TF2 one can place teleporters, etc… or in minecraft one can place blocks). I don’t need the placeable objects to be interactive like in TF2, but I just need an engine that won’t make me code this from scratch. I have decent knowledge of Python, PHP, HTML, C++ and C# (and a small knowledge of Lua scripting, although I have only been at it for a few months) so I should be able to handle most engines. I attempted to work with the Cube engine, but unfortunately it wasn’t the best match for me. Can anyone recommend another engine capable of this? Thank you.

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fireside 141 Jun 12, 2012 at 17:25

You can do that with most any engine. You just build it in advance and then use a script to place it and operate it. Unity is a pretty good engine with multiplayer that would do it. You use prefabs, in their terms. If you watch a player shoot some type of bullet, that’s the same thing. The player is creating the bullet when he pushes a button or whatever. It was just defined earlier by the developer and then spawned at the end of the rifle and given a velocity.