Animation and model banks

Gnarlyman 101 May 26, 2012 at 04:14

I’ve recently started to be aware of the manifold online resources for animations, models, etc. Such sites as mixamo, Daz3D,, etc. This all of course fits into the somewhat growing trend centering around pre-existing models, animations, scripts, etc. for a small fee at such online “banks”. Are any of these tools/sites worthwhile? I mean, they look like they could save quite a bit of hassle, but I don’t know whether or not such databases and tools are generally scorned or considered legit, quality time-savers amongst the pro faction of development.

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Reedbeta 168 May 26, 2012 at 06:05

I wouldn’t worry about whether it’s “scorned” or not but whether it makes sense for your project. :) If you’re trying to develop technology and need some art to test it on, or make something just for learning, then investing in some pre-made stuff seems well worth it. If you’re trying to make a well-polished game, my main worry would be about how well things will fit together - if you get pre-made art from various sources, will it all work well together or will it not “fit” and just look like a random assemblage of unrelated things? Establishing a consistent visual style/theme/mood would probably be difficult with pre-made art; you’d get better results from an artist hired to make stuff specifically for your project, although that’s of course more difficult in various ways, not least of which is the cost. Is that what your question was getting at?