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AliceLiddell 101 May 16, 2012 at 23:28

I’m cloning this game


most recommended NES title I’ve heard to date worth playing. Similar games would include (on the subject of this topic so we are clear)


If you notice the patterns I have the backgrounds are parralax, but this isn’t exactly a 2d platformer, I’m desinging my game in Unity 3d. This is causing a lot of problems for me, I have years of experience programming in any language I need to to get a job finished, I taught myself C# and I’m using this language for programming my game in the Unity Engine. I enjoy programming and I do enjoy a challenge but I feel I am lacking any sort of skill in this department of making a game. The closest tutorial I have is this:


however I don’t know how much I can use from what I learned so far. I realize now (before I got into this project I didn’t) I need files that export nativley in maya for developing the characters model! from reading that 2d platformer project. This I can’t do at the moment, and asking questions that are that vague are just pointless, IE “how would I go around programming my own models for a 2d game” I’m just going to sound stupid because although I am a graphic designer I am aware of the fact that asking stupid questions makes you sound bad and is counterproductive. I need a lot of help finding out just exactly what needs to be done from scratch to make a game like river city ransom. would it work something like this:


there is a huge difference between this and a 2d platformer tutorial I have. Or any side scrolling games I can think of labled as a side scroller. IE sonic, this has a whole different thing alltogether and the first thing it is that I’m stuck at is doing much of anything! I can’t find any tutorials for unity I can’t even begin to understand how I can import a character I have all of the game art being done by someone else and he needs a working prototype. I really want to see this game in action and so do a lot of people, its already being announced and I have dead lines, ect. I’m not completley helpless but this is a huge huge problem, I have no idea what to even call this game as far as the actual type of game, I believe its called a beat em up but this is just crazy I don’t know where to start. do I make the game completley flat? as in paper on a desk, then add cubes and then eventually add the images and animations? I really have no idea where to start I’ve programmed games like pong in C++ in the past, making this really easy to do in C# its just starting, its just getting something to work on. Or finding a direction to go off into knowing I can come back with something worth my time trying at least. I am completley in the dark I’m trying not to complain but I really don’t think its nessicary to go out and buy Maya 3d to animate sprites. this game is 2d. It should be simple with what I know but it’s just starting the game up. Unity 3d is just that. 3d, this game isn’t exactly 3d but it isn’t exactly 2d either. you can travel upwards to go into town, you can go up and down instead of just left and right. This is stuff thats most important at the moment, I’m trying to develop a prototype even without animation if I can get these little squares moving and doing something the guy I’m working on this will be pleased. I also need to have a way to make this game from scratch and be able to let him upload his art into the game (IE why I’m using unity engine) because he’s already experienced in using it as well. This is a mess I have been told to just give up a million times, I’m not going to. but I have no direction, nothing to make my game fun with either. If I at least had something fun to test and learn to work on I’d be more motivated. I’m really trying I really didn’t want it to come to this point where I had to ask around but I’m giving up and I don’t like that. Please help me, please show me some resources or what the type of camera angles, and barriers that are needed to make a very simple mockup of a game like river city ransom, that I can then put more love into gradually as I learn.

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fireside 141 May 17, 2012 at 00:13

It’s a 2d game and Unity really isn’t a good choice. Picking a language with a 2d graphics library would be better. 2d animation is hard to do and Maya is not a good choice for it. If you don’t do much then Anime Studio might be a good choice, you would need to export the sprites only, which isn’t done too often with it, but it is possible.

As far as 2d engines, there is Torque2d. You could use c++ with SFML, Gosu, Allegro, and probably a lot more.

If you want to do an online game then Flashpunk is pretty cool.

The up and down character motion, when done in 2d is done by slightly scaling the character smaller as they move up the screen to give the illusion of depth.

You could also do a search for 2d game engines because there are a lot around. I’m not sure if they list 2d game engines on this site or not.

If you are talking about doing a game like River City, but in 3d, then Unity would work but it’s not at all a good game to start out on. You should start with a very simple side scroller and slowly advance. A free 3d modeler is Blender but it has a pretty long learning curve, so does Maya, so if you are planning on doing a 3d game, then you should get started learning a 3d modeling and animation tool like Blender, Maya, or many others.