Designing a level/tier system for a monster trainer game, need criticism and advice

willmer 101 May 10, 2012 at 16:04

Hello everyone. This is my first post on devmaster so I appreciate any criticism you have to hep me be a better contributor and poster on here.

I am currently working on a game in a similar style of Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters where you assemble a group of monsters and fight 1v1 (potentially more later) against monsters generated from a barcode scan. I recently remembered the aspect of DWM that allowed you to breed your monsters and create new ones and thought that was an appealling concept ( I know Pokemon has it too but I haven’t played any of the new ones to know how it works). My question centers around whether I should include a level system for my monsters or a tier system based upon breeding or fusion.

Here’s what I’m currently thinking for the monster section of my game:

Monsters belong to standard groups or families (Humans, Dragons, Elementals), have damage types (Fire, Water, Undead), stats (attack, defense, speed), and move sets (4-8 moves to choose from). In addition, I am currently thinking of setting them up in tiers that are based upon fusion. There would be three tiers with each tier having 30-100% better stats/moves than the previous tier. You can fuse monsters of the same tier with 2 varying outcomes.
1. Two monsters fuse together to form a new monster of the next tier.
Example, a swordsman and fire elemental (both T1) form a Flame Swordsman (Tier 2) that will have higher stats, an added damage type (fire) and possibly new moves.
That flame swordsman could then be fused with a Drake (both tier 2) to form a Drake Rider (tier 3).

  1. One monster absorbs qualities of another.
    Example: a swordsman and a shield bearer are fused. The swordsman is the primary fusion so he will retain his identity but will receive extra stat points based upons the shield bearers stats, and can choose to learn 1-3 moves from the shield bearer. The swordsman will now be a tier 1a which prevents him from fusing with other monsters.

So you can make a new monster or buff your current monster. Also, I am currently thinking of using a rank (level) system that allows monsters to reach a rank of 5. As you gain a rank, you can upgrade some stats (although not enough to make a t1 stronger than a t2). Also, as you gain ranks, the monster can learn more moves (start with 3 and gain 1 at every rank?).

How do you think this approach compares to using a leveling system (1-100 levels) which differentiates monsters based on their level and the stats that rely upon levels such as Pokemon? Would this be interesting and engaging to play or too tedious?

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks

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meddins86 101 Jun 13, 2012 at 14:30


I have thought a couple of times about a similar idea.

The problems I see here are:
- You will get a huge amount of possible Monsters in the upper tears. If you start out with 8 T1 monsters, they can combine into 8² T2 Monsters. For T3 it’s 8³ an so on. The problem I see is, with the assets you need. If you want to visualize them at all. Even if you restrict the monsters, that can be combined or went with an aproch like only the color of the weapon switches, it will getting out of hands I think.
- If breeding/fusion of monsters is the only way to upgrade them, how can you “control” the advance of the Player? If he just stays at the start zone and get 8 Monsters, he’s alredy t3 in theory. Therefore you need some mechanics.
(Maybe fusion costs some resources and you can control them like exp).
- What is the max tier you planning to have? I ask because I like the aspect of training many different monsters to their “max” tier. If it’s very low, what is the long time motivation about your game?


chises 101 Nov 07, 2012 at 09:01

Hi (my first post here :-)).

What are your plans for this game? In fact as an “trainer” in a world like pokemon i’m fighting against my opponents ingame which are all npcs. The real interessting part would be the pvp. When you’re new to your game and everyone is just on top except yourself, you would have a real disadvantage and would probably quit the game. I think everything you wrote makes sense and it will be (real) hard work to visualize every possible kombination of specific monsters. Especially when your player will ask for an type independent fusion system and i know this question will come ;-).
I cant really remember but i was playing back in the days a game called “dragon quest monsters” which had the similar featurw of combining my monsters with another one. Play it and try it out so you’ll see how it could or couldn’t be. :-)