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lmbarns 101 Apr 16, 2012 at 15:57

Hi gang, I’m brainstorming ideas for a single player mobile 3d rpg game I’ve been working on. It started as a “horror” type game but now is more of just a hacknslash dungeon crawler in a “scary” environment with a skill system and only melee attacks.

1) Moving/spinning floor traps, timing based, so at intervals different chunks of floor drop and if you’re standing on it you fall onto the spikes/lake of fire and respawn at the beginning of the “hazard” rather than dying. You can just keep trying until you get across. Looks like this:


2) Bleeding wounds? This is first person, so I figured I could have an icon display on the screen if you receive a bleeding wound for the affected body part. To determine bleeding wounds, if the players health dropped below a threshold value, they have a chance of receiving a critical wound to 1 of 6 body parts. Depending on the severity of the wound (affected body part, head and torso being most important) it would do ticks of damage every couple seconds for up to a minute.

To fix bleeding wounds, you have to apply 5-10 bandages and wait longer than applying normal bandages and you have a chance of “sealing the wound” which fixes it.

Second way to heal an open bleeding wound would be with a restoration potion that can be crafted or purchased, not dropped on monster loot.

3) Concussion blows and maybe other critical hits with real effects. Concussion blow would make everything slow motion for a short duration. Example:


4) Parrying. Currently you press the shield icon and it hides and plays randomly 1 of 5 parry animations on the character, and temporarily increases the armor rating. You can’t hold the button to constantly parry, dunno if it’s worthwhile or not. I was considering replacing it with a “rage” button that gives you some temporary buffs. Since damages are tied to stats/modifiers I can just increase the stats temporarily to give them a damage bonus.

5) Upgrading weapons, I was just going to let the player upgrade the same weapon using ingots, gold, and a magic ingredient collected in the dungeon to pay the blacksmith npc to apply magic abilities to the sword.

Anyone have any ideas or input? I need some fresh thoughts. Any good reading material on single player mechanics? I’ve read a bit over the years, really like rogue-likes.

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gooncorp 102 Apr 18, 2012 at 23:27

nice. i like the animations.