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eleonmar 101 Apr 08, 2012 at 01:49 mmo mmorpg networking multiplayer

Most people after building an online game, realize that this first difficult and fun part is just don’t enough and the most difficult part is ahead.

Browser games and mmogs (massive multiplayer online games) need a lot of players in order to succeed.

These games are usually simple, and should be simple, but the big challenge is coming from competition amongst hundreds of other players playing this browser game.

But what happens if your browser game has very small number of players? New players will not stay… and will not play. They will leave once realize that nothing is happening there.

Earthlead free open source browser game that is build to solve this problem.

The various game sites are interconnected with the use of a game server. So while you can edit files to give additional functionality to your browser game site, a new look, a new language, your single player once logged in will meet players from other sites to compete or collaborate. Players do not know from were other players come… it all looks that are from your web site and this will keep players in your game.

At earthelead players compete to build a strong nation in a real world map, using diplomacy, economy, military power, in modern era.

As a webmaster you can also make some profit from adsense or from a plus site.

If you are a designer, or developer, or marketer and you want to join the team of earthlead volunteers you can join the fb group at http://www.facebook….274511609301405 (you must have at least one game site up and running before applying).

Demo for game you can find at

You can download the software from


Project Details are here


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