multithreading problem with Nvidia PhysX

Xcrypt 101 Apr 07, 2012 at 01:52

I’m having a multithreading problem with Nvidia PhysX.
the SDK requires that you call Simulate() (starts computing new physics positions within a new thread) and FetchResults(waits ‘till the physics computations are done). Inbetween Simulate() and FetchResults() you may not ‘compute new physics’

It is proposed (in a sample) that we create a game loop as such:

  1. Game_Logic
  2. Render + Simulate() at start of Render call and FetchResults at end of Render() call

However, this has given me various little errors that stack up: since you actually render the scene that was computed in the previous iteration in the game loop.

I wonder if there’s a way around this?
I’ve been trying and trying, but I can’t think of a solution…

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