Help finding a mentor

dextermovies 101 Apr 03, 2012 at 16:21

Hi, my name is Josh. I am currently a westwood college student in game software development, I am asking if any one would mind taking me under thier wing and showing my the joys and pains of indie development.
I have some experience in this field ( nothing to show for it ) I have used mainly unity 3d, I also have a lifetime subscription to c4 engine ( to be honest it confuses me ) as well as realm crafter ( I do not like this engine, but I am willing to work with it to learn )
If some one is interested in helping me out that would be wonderful.

I thank you for your time as well as taking the time to read this,


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tyree 102 Apr 03, 2012 at 21:24

you may find someone to mentor you. but in my opinion you need to see a game of your own thru. it doesnt matter how simple a game it is. not acknowledging your level, and making a game at that level. is usually where mistakes are made. if anyone tells you making games is a quick proecess there lying. its a slow build type thing. the only exception is when your not building something new and just altering what you already have