Miskatony [OT / kinda spammy, but only a bit;]

touch_the_sky 103 Mar 12, 2012 at 12:56


Hi Devmasters,

Some of you may remember the posts with my iStock RF music. Well, on this occasion I’d like to introduce a piece of my work released for listening: Miskatony - an instrumental tune full of evil, darkness and spicy guitar riffs. And if the title reminds you of some author’s literature… then you totally associate your things right.

You can get it on iTunes for under a dollar / pound: http://itunes.apple….gle/id509912957

I don’t expect to sell trillions, but I spent more than a tenner on this release already and it would be cool to get some back;)

Also, I’m working on a new site for my “label” which will be using WebGL - and WebGL IS gamedev-related (at least it can be)



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touch_the_sky 103 Apr 01, 2012 at 21:14

Quick update:

I appreciate 30 sec preview or whatever may be not good enough, so there you go - check it out (in full) on