2D Platform Idea (Multiplayer Strategy)

Tillofolofogus 101 Feb 21, 2012 at 06:27

Bounce Combat (Basic Game Design)

· There are 2 teams
· The characters are round and they come from a pixilated world of computers. Somehow they end up in a lush fantasy world.
· They are from a computer world so they have energy or charge.
· There is negative charge (red team) and positive charge (blue team).
· When in charge radius, players of different charges (teams) will connect like magnets.
· When moving around the playing field however, it uses charge (to jump or stay in the air long takes up (uses) more of your charge).
· When you are attached to a player of another charge, your job is to either 1. Steal his charge and add more power to your opposing charge bar (i.e. say your team red (negative charge) you attach yourself to someone from team blue, you can steal some of his charge to add to your positive (blue) charge bar. The use of this is that when enemies attack you, you can change to the opposite charge (the charge you stole) and it will repel you away from the enemy to avoid the risk of dying OR 2. Attack the player to kill him.
· When the player IS running out of charge, their “tail” will become narrower until it diminishes and the player falls to the closest platform
· When you jump for a long time or turn sharply, players will run out of their charge (which can replenish over time)
· There are also power ups (located on the bottom right action bar)
· Power ups are not traditional jump on-pickup-use power ups.
· Power ups have charges on them.
· Power ups are Positive, Negative, and Neutral
· When using a positive charge, a player can ONLY pick up power ups with negative charge and vise versa.
· If a power up is neutral, anybody can take it and use it
· There are 12 power ups total.
· There are 3 groups of 4 power ups = 4 power ups -> Super Power Up (Power Pill)
· If you collect two monochromatic power ups, you will create half of a super power up. (Power Pill)
· If you collect four monochromatic power ups of the same “pill”, you have gotten a super power up!
· When attacking other players, there are 6 different abilities that are located at the bottom left of the action bar.

Skype me: chris.fracassi1 if you want to start helping us with anything relating to the development of this game. Thanks!

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slashandz 101 Apr 13, 2012 at 15:35

I have to admit, the game is a little too complex for me to follow from the diagrams.
But it looks fun, and quite frantic (in a good way).

I suggest youstart off with just the basics and then work your way up.
Good luck!!