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trumanita 101 Feb 09, 2012 at 16:24 animation ai c# web

I’ve developed a racing formula 1 viewer (MyGPViewer3D) for a popular f1 management browser game (MyGPTeam).
Target platform of project is obviously web browser.
At the first time I used JMonkeyEngine (first release was in jme2, last in jme3), but I found the jme3 was too expensive in using resources for my goals.
So I switched to unity3d, scripting with c# and I’m quite satisfied of result, also because project works on web browsers with unity web plugin and consumed resources are acceptable also for quite old workstations (<=1gb ram used).
At this point I’d like to understand if there’s something better for me, I’ve seen how many wonderful engines there are (it’s really a jungle :D ) so your opinions are welcome.
Is there any alternative for me?
Thanks in advance for your feedbacks
Bye :blink:

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