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Robert_J__King 101 Feb 09, 2012 at 11:46 c++ c# game-industry

Ok, so after thread upon thread, upon thread, of stickied pinns of compiled list’s (and don’t get me wrong game dev sites definitely need those stickies) as to why you cannot create an mmo, or design your own game, because you have no previous knowledge. Well, for those of you that are interested in the aspect of “Learning” whats behind the wheel and were to go, what languages to choose and learn, whats engines do, and how you should choose. I was going to compile the best researched list I could, I instead ran across this very thing from a game and software dev himself. Who put it together a lot better than I could. So, by this point if your not turned around and left, because I haven’t told you yet but it’s true you cannot make an mmo on your own and without any previous programming knowledge, time, money ect.., but you have it in the back of your head “hey I’m kinda still interested in this stuff anyways, were is a good place to start, since there is no alpha omega quantum physics game engine that just builds groundbreaking MMO’s” Best peice of advice if you stick to this stuff, start small and finish something… and do it again and again and again… then it starts to fall into place, First attempt I tried 4 years ago I was going to make a new gen game.. By my self… HAHA didn’t happen started to big got sick of it.. way to fast… Then I figured out it’s funner and keeps me into by makeing smaller projects finishing them and adding more and more to them..

This is about the most helpful compiled work of explaining how starting out in this field i could find, if anyone knows of a better one please feel free to share.
With that silly little rant said, http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2011/08/04/I-want-to-be-a-game-developer.aspx Go here and enjoy, you start! And good luck to you!

And I have no idea if any of this was helpful but I gave it a shot!!

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sgtTallies 101 Jun 14, 2012 at 10:40

Hey I was wonder if you could shed some light for me on a few subjects. I’m studying CS, half way through my second year. I have done a few very small games with design patterns in C++ and java’s 2DGraphics and FX, but I wanted to start working on a new gen game (Action eg. Dante’s,Castlevania). I can farily flowent in C++, Java and a few other more in relation to web design, I have a good understanding of linear algebra, calculus, discrete structures and physics. I also play around in maya, 3ds max and motion builder for fun.

Now I have read your link and a few other form, but they only give you option on things you could possibly try. So here are a few questions being this is my firt time attempting something as big:
1) I was looking at Unity3D and CryEngin, but I don’t know which one would be beter suited for my game? I would prefer to stick to C++ for a challenge.

2) Would it be beter to start with the coding or graphic? I would prefer to start which graphics allowing me to learn a bit more in programming (you can never learn enough).

3) If I would attempt both at the same time which is realistic, on which part of the coding should I start (I know its a dumb question begin it would be the game logic and pattern structure, but after that AI, UI, physics)?

4) Should I start learning DirectX as well (We are only covering it next year in my course)?

5) What other advice do you have?

I’m not expecting this to be easy nether to be a over night job, I only aiming to have something up, running and presentable in the next three years. This is only to test my skills and if I able to work with every aspect of a game and make it work together. I’m really enthusiastic about game development and game design.
Any help or direction would be appreciated.

vdf22 101 Jun 15, 2012 at 16:41
  1. If you want to use C++ you’ll have to use CryEngine. Unity only supports C#, JavaScript and Boo I believe.

  2. You’ll have to do both. If you’re wanting to follow good practice you should start with designing, but I know that’s extremely boring so it’s up to you. With a graphical editor chances are you’ll have to do some sort of graphics at the beginning.

  3. That really has to do with what kind of game you’re making - for example, if it’s a simple platform game you might not use physics at all, but if it’s a racing game the physics is a core part.

  4. I would say probably not. If you want to code your whole game (as opposed to using Unity) I would suggest you use an engine. Save DirectX for when your course comes up.

  5. Main thing, stay enthusiastic. You won’t get too far otherwise. :)

sgtTallies 101 Jun 15, 2012 at 17:30

Thanks for the reply I appreciate it a lot.

I will be going for CryEngine, I read you could extend Unity to use C++ as well but I would suspect there will arise problems when doing this.
Okay I just start with the logic, UI and graphics till I have something that you can run around and move on from there.
I’m going to make an ACTION / ADVENTURE game. So it will need physics and AI.

Would it be better to use Visual C++ or could I just use NetBeans?

Enthusiastic is the least of my problems, the girlfriend wants to kill me for coding and drawing all the time hahaha…