Trying to find the right engine.

seanrob 101 Feb 01, 2012 at 22:49

I am looking for an engine for a game I would like to create. I have looked into a few different engines and I have not found one that suites my needs for what I am trying to do. My game is going to be a space sci-fi saga that involves going to different planets and traveling different galaxies and solar systems in a RPG bird’s eye view. If you are familiar with the game “Star Flight” then you kind of have an idea of what I am talking about. Along with this I am looking to have random encounters with different aliens while traveling in space. Of course most of these would be battles between the hero’s ship and the opposing space ships that are facing the hero.
I have made a list of different features that I am looking to have for this game. Almost all of these are features that I need for this game. The list of features is as followed below,

· Disembark & embark from/to Mother ship at anytime while flying in space.
· Able to buy new ships and accessories for ships. (I.E. Shields, engines, weapons, and other things)
· Able to buy and upgrade weapons while on foot in game. (I.E. while traveling on planet with main hero, you are able to buy and upgrade weapons)
· 2D side view action fight screen. (I.E. like the old school street fighter style gaming. These will be used for bigger fights for bosses.)
· Bird’s eye view while travel on foot on-planet.
· 2.5D graphics for planet view and rotatable camera. (Mostly rotatable camera for travel thru metropolitan cities with skyscrapers.)
· Changeable clothes for hero that can be changed throughout game.
· Changing weapons and holding them on foot is visible.
· Planets have a rotating orbit around star in solar system view.
· Filter for planets. The color of the filter changes due to the main color of the star in the solar system and the planets atmosphere. (I.E. one planet may have a sepia tone to it while another planet may have a dark red tone.)
· The ability of having day and night.
· Different weather changes. (I.E. Snow, rain, sandstorms.
· Being able to import images from Photoshop to tile the game.
· Cut scene movies made in-game and out of game.
· A leveling system based on hero’s progress with the game and experience gained. (Wanting to form this leveling system like how it was done in Skyrim.)
· Having different power moves which will be non-weapon for on-foot hero. (These will be based off of experienced gained and if the power meter is full enough to perform the specific move.)
· Having different terrains. (I.E. Hills, mountains, and rocks.
· Able to buy/sell objects in game.
· Able to create swords and other objects.
· Having random spawning space ships and opposing soldiers that are area and game progress controlled.
· Vibrant lighting. (Having lighting areas as in a street light at night will only portray light in a certain zone.)
· Ability to land smaller space fighter ship on different places on the planet desired. (Most these places will be predestined places on the planet)
· Ability to cross platform this game for different gaming consoles, just not on computers only.
· Online play. (Can come later with expansions.)
· Being able to have expansions and keep saved game progression that play will have already done.
· Having companion NPC’s to follow hero and help hero during fights.
· Ability through game progress to translate alien languages. (Automatically done when language is learned.)

So these are the different things that I am looking for. Most of all of them are necessary things that would be vital for this game to have. So if anyone has an idea of an engine that will work for this game please let me know. Thank you very much.

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Robert_J__King 101 Feb 02, 2012 at 08:42

FIRSTLY, There is no specific engine that just does all of those things without countless hours of scripting for more customization. And you just point and click and BAM the game is together with that said.

OK, I’m not programming scientist, but firstly for the sake of this question, I have read many, many, many forums before I posted my first thread about DEVing which just happened to be yesterday, and I have to ask. Asides from knowing that you need a game engine, do you know how to program? Animate? Code? I ask this because By your question I didn’t feel that you do, because it almost sounds like a large scale game as a big as “SWOTR” if not bigger. And if that’s the case then you should ask your self were to start not what engine. However if you do know these things, then again even though you would need allot of time money and a decent sized team. I would recommend Unity3d engine or Unreal for that type of game but there are many others out there. Just find the one that suits you there is more than one that does what you want I’m sure. What languages do you know? Have you ever started small? Also I highly doubt it but might even want to check into realm crafter, however for the hardcore script/work your talking about to even get close you would need RCPro for the scripting ability’s. Again I am no Pro and I’m fairly new, but that’s just IMO.