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Hi, I’m currently assigned for a Technical Writing class to research my profession of choice, which is Game Programming. What I’m asked is to research a professional organization from a current empoyee standpoint. I’m hoping someone will be willing to help me out with this.

I’ve listed the recommended information that should be included in my 7 page paper.


Research:Your research on organizational culture and writing should include the following if possible:

Documents: mission statements, annual reports, statements of shared values, training manuals,
day-to-day memos, reports, and web sites. Study these for content, format, design, and implied

Oral rhetoric is as important as written rhetoric in many careers, so you may include verbal
communication styles as a part of your research.

Rules and regulations, whether implicit or explicit. For example, how much control do employees
have over their work? How much individual initiative is encouraged?

Rewards. How are work incentives defined and allocated?

Stories that circulate around the company about “heroes” and “heroines,” or legends about past
incidents or employees.

Jokes or pranks that circulate around the company.

Any rites or rituals the company observes, for example, “dress-down” days, company picnics, teams,
or initiation rituals for new employees.

The design of the organization’s physical spaces.

The general political climate of the organization–is it conservative, liberal, moderate?

Any other indications of organizational culture, such as the division of power among employees,
issues of race, class, gender, what people wear to work, and so on.

Make note of cultural artifacts, such as cartoons, etc. people hang up around the office, cubicle
décor, or personal items displayed on desks.

Available books, articles, and web materials to help you analyze the culture and preferred
writing/communication styles of your chosen profession.

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Reedbeta 167 Jan 18, 2012 at 05:26

It sounds like you would need to physically visit a company and embed yourself into it for awhile to understand all of these things. In short, you should do an internship :D

But seriously, I’m not sure what you’re asking for by coming to an online forum with this…

geon 101 Jan 18, 2012 at 11:07

Sounds to me like you could anser a lot of the questions by reading old threads of this forum. Mostly the Lounge, since the questions don’t seem very technical.

Do you need to research one single organization? In that case you might need to interview someone.