Glyph/Rune System Design - Licence Free Design System

vasten 101 Jan 16, 2012 at 07:41

Been working on this a long time

a ways to turn full words into sigils, symbols and glyphs..

been thinking it could make a great runeic system, the symbol on the runes are leters or short combos” like sylabals” or short words like “fire”, “earth” etc..

by combining the rune you can spell longer words ot short phrases, the ways they could be combined ould be almost infinte, and the combination systems would allow for great creativity i think..

wadaya think?

you can design your own glyphs easily..

first use this alphabet

Connect them simply to make stuff like this


arrange them like puzzle pieces to make legible symbols (the letters and even sequenbce are still there)

This easily makes glyphs and symbols, kinda like chinese



There are even tons of video tutorials like this

A full chanel full of tons of such videos at…ser/freedscript

official website

Released into creative commons

all materials on site, all youtube videos, and dscript itself are free for use, with or without modification, by anyone, even for profit, with no licence, fee, royalty , or any legal reservations whatsoever.

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