I am ready to create a text based oop game.

jamie7823 101 Oct 15, 2011 at 05:18

I started out a few months back learning GML and at first was pretty excited to see a game starting to come together. But I soon realized that GML can only take you so far. I began studying C++ and now instead of reading tutorials in the easy sections of different sites, I am reading in the advanced sections. I have the itch to begin creating an OOP text game that I can expand onto.

I have looked for layouts everywhere and still can not find anything to help me know where to begin. Like the Game Loop and whatever Loops are inside that loop, and so on.

I have tried looking at UML to get an idea of object layouts but I always end up frustrated. This is my first post and I really hope someone can shine a light on my situation.

Thanks in advance!!! Jamie

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rouncer 103 Oct 15, 2011 at 09:14

well, just learn basic conditions, writing text to the screen is your graphics, so get good at that… but the windows sockets is what you need if you want to make it multiplayer.
Im not sure why you would need UML, just write an oop c++ program, text based, with windows sockets and you got a traditional mud, or maybe not so traditional. ;)

I take object oriented programming for granted, I just code hybrid c,c++, it suits my needs. My advice is just learn a language, then youll know what to do.

Maybe an object layout would be… “character” and “map location” and “item” and “spell” maybe.

jamie7823 101 Oct 15, 2011 at 16:50

Well, as of right now I have no plans for a multiplayer game. This is just for me. I was just thinking there should be something that would help me get the ball rolling. I always start by making a player, monster or a weapon and then I’m like whats next.

I guess what I am asking is there any Game Templates out there for beginners to give them an idea of the first steps in designing a text based game.

Any websites are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

TheNut 179 Oct 15, 2011 at 18:04

How much C++ do you know? Basic vs advance varies from person to person and their understanding of the language. Are you familiar with inheritance and templates? Do you know how to construct a graph?

A typical mud is a large graph, where each node represents an area and its edges dictate what direction you can move in. Each node would contain, for example, a modifiable description, a dynamic list of people, monsters, items, things that can be interacted with, etc. Brainstorm and write down all the nouns in your game. Use a UML editor and figure out the relationships between classes. Use inheritance where logic is common amongst multiple entities, or use templates if you want to break the entities down by type. Think about the NPC engine and how you will use “smarts” to move NPC and monsters around. Maybe define a zone where they will dwell for example.

There’s a lot more game mechanics you will run into, such as AI, turn based combat, large scale graph handling, serializing, etc. These are topics you should think about as you architect your game. I don’t know of any MUD dev how-to websites, but just think about it. It’s not terribly difficult to conjure something up.

jamie7823 101 Oct 15, 2011 at 18:33

thanks for the reply. Reading your reply let me know quick that I am novice. I will read about graphs. I was thinking of making a world object with a vector of rooms with and having a player object that has a “Room* current_room variable that points at the vector <Room> RoomList and changes with getch();

Maybe I am going at this in a different perspective or completely wrong altogether. At least now I have more I can research.

I will take all that I can get!!!!!

rouncer 103 Oct 15, 2011 at 21:56

just learn the language, and see how the things you learn help you create what you want. :)
Of course I could barrage you with a whole lot of my knowledge, but its best for you to learn your own way, really.