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The resolution selection screen has been one of the defining aspects of PC gaming since the birth of 3D games. But a new Intel® game technology demo, Dynamic Resolution Rendering, demonstrates that this no longer needs to be the case; developers can dynamically vary the resolution of their rendering instead of having a static resolution selection.

Dynamic resolution rendering involves adjusting the resolution to which you render the 3D scene by constraining the rendering to a portion of a render target using a viewport, and then scaling this to the output back buffer. Graphical user interface components can then be rendered at the back buffer resolution, as these are typically less expensive elements to draw. The end result is that stable high frame rates can be achieved with high-quality GUIs.

As with all Intel game tech samples, this is free to download and use in your personal and commercial products.

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What You’re Looking At:
The top image is a view of the swinging bell with supersampling enabled and dynamic resolution control set to give 30FPS. The geometric temporal anti-aliasing uses velocity aware filtering to reduce ghosting artifacts.

The bottom image is a screenshot of motion blur with dynamic resolution on at 0.71x resolution. In the demo, the demonstrated technique results in decreased frame time without any decrease in quality.

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