The Grid - The Gateway Drug to Online Strategy Games

oldbard 101 Sep 22, 2011 at 04:02

The Grid - The Gateway Drug to Online Strategy Games

The Grid:

What’s the best way to go about designing the game interface a little better now that the number of players is growing. Should users be forced to type in their commands like in a MUD game or should it all be point in click in this day and age? Thanks.


It’s an elaborate system made up of row upon seemingly endless row of perfectly chiseled squares, each ruled by either a fool or master strategian….

Once you enlist into this new world, you will be transported into The Grid in the form of a single entity known only as: a square. You will rule this square - or see it ruled by another.

Upon logging in, you will notice many other squares, fighting for survival, or to spawn themselves like amoeba unto the far corners of The Grid. If your spectacles are not too foggy from the freezing air in this wondrous utopia, you will notice a command box with several different actions you can take. If this is your first time here, you may be overwhelmed by the myriad of colors and cryptic letters strewn about all over the place like some abstract painting you wanted to destroy in that dull art gallery you were taken to as a child. Fear not, however - you will notice a button labeled, “Find Me”, which when clicked will highlight your shiny new square for you in a glorious yellow glow. You will notice, no doubt, 3 letters etched across the surface of your new four-sided home, spelling out pure gibberish, I’m sure, to the causal observer. But, lean closer into the grease-stained window separating your physical body from this shell of a reality, and you will see…..

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TylerBetable 101 Sep 23, 2011 at 21:47

Hey OldBard,

Concept sounds cool and it’s good to hear that you’ve got a growing userbase. A couple notes though:
1) So I land on the page you sent me too and I don’t get it. What is this game? What is it about? What type of game is it even? Therefore, I’m not very motivated to sign up. I would design your website around answering those questions for first-time visitors
2) This looks more like a Hardcore Strategy Game than a “gateway drug”. Gateway drugs are typically synonymous with “easy to pick up”
3) As far as the commands vs. point-and-click, obviously users typically see point-and-click, but the typed commands kinda adds this cool nostalgia factor. I think it makes your game unique and cool (in a techie sense)

Shoot me a PM if you need any more advice. I’m happy to oblige :)

Duff 101 Sep 30, 2011 at 12:53

Wow…i like the homepage image. It’s produced by an artist? I like the mood.
But, the website is very skinny and colors are too bad.