Group wanted for Blitz3D physics Engine

Auxiusvorg 101 Sep 21, 2011 at 06:02

Hello everyone, I have been working on a 2-D Physics Engine written in Blitz3D mostly for practice, experience, and well learning the throws of programming a Physics Engine.

Thus far I have completed a very simple rigid body engine which includes some simple collision detection. I have read a significant amount of material related to physics programming and collision detection, and from that I constructed this engine.

Since the engine is mostly for educational and entertainment purposes here is a link to the source.


Updated Link:

I would like to round up a small group of people to discuss my code and techniques to better the engine and all of our knowledge. Anyone who’s interested feel free to ask.

If your interested in what iv’e done so far and see ways it can be improved also feel free to make any suggestions or comments.

Criticism is welcomed =D. and much appreciated.

I realize I made a few mistakes in my calculations solving for the true mass of a pointmass since I am using inverse mass to make objects with infinite mass such as map objects and such and so I corrected it.

an imass is simply the reciprocal of the mass you want
imass = 1/mass

and the function GetMassPointmass(p.Pointmass) is where the problem was
originally it solved it this way


then i realized this gives me 1 no matter what mass *duhh!*

so it is now

mass = 1/imass

and a few other changes were made. Just figured i would let thy world know of my stupidity =D.

Group! Please! Cometh to me!

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meanyack 101 Oct 24, 2011 at 09:59

It’s more than a month. Are you still continuing on this?
I’m a physician and working about programming.
What do you say? Is it late?