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Genocyber 101 Sep 15, 2011 at 16:39

Hey guys,

Im wondering what peoples views are on paying modders for creating sub-professional quality content. The mod im working is still in need of 100’s of assets, mainly custom models and textures. Over the past 2 years, the team has had artists come and go and we already have an impressive amount of custom content but we still need more, much more. As it stands we now only have one dedicated artist and 2 freelance that drop a model every month or 2, its really slow going.

So Ive gotten to the stage that Im prepaired to pay non-professional prices for ‘sets’ of low poly models for our tc Fallout: New Vegas mod.

What prices should I be expected to pay, and what would be the general payment system used?

The models well be needing are mainly props, with 2 versions of each. One being ruined/destroyed/wreaked the other being in in good wokring order.

Large buildings
Smaller buildings
Overpass/Moterway sections
Cyberpunk street terminals
Cyberpunk neon signs
Cyberpunk holo advertisements

I also plan to use many of these assets on an indie game Ive already discussed developing on this forum.

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TheNut 179 Sep 16, 2011 at 01:34

Artists for hire can range in price and quality. If you log into turbosquid for instance, you’ll see prices of buildings range from free to a couple hundred dollars for just one model.

Devmaster receives a few art pack advertisements from time to time, such as from arteria3d and dexsoft. You might as well contact them as a starting point to see what they can work out for you.

You could of course try picking up art yourself to help leverage the workload. Andrew Price has released quite a few exceptional tutorial videos for producing various models and effects. He has one on buildings and bridges you might find useful. Everything in your list with the exception of cars I would say is beginner level modelling. Just something to consider, unless you have a continuous revenue stream you’re willing to expense outsourcing your art tasks.

rouncer 104 Sep 16, 2011 at 07:35

ditto, basicly what I was thinking… as for me joining your team, I am actually an ok artist -but there is HEAPS better than me ;) (I wouldnt be charging so much)… ive sorta got my hands full with a voxel modelling application myself, if it was done, I could do some hi detail work for you… but its a few months off yet.

Genocyber 101 Sep 21, 2011 at 14:33

Well gonna try my hand at modelling, but Im terrible with uv maps, seams and rats-nests :) Will give those guys a shout, Ive been quoted $100 for a mecha under 10k polys from an associate of mine, textured with all the bells and whistles of various maps, but feel thats still kinda expensive - seeing as this is just for a non-commercial video game modification. Im not looking to rip artists off, but $100 for one asset? Im gonna be broke in no time.

Genocyber 101 Sep 21, 2011 at 14:37
rouncer 104 Sep 22, 2011 at 06:04

Maybe $100 for one model is too harsh, maybe $100 for 3 models would still be an ok rate, for you and the artist? I would work at that rate, I would just burn it all out in a day anyway probably.