First post (Terminal 0.1 Log 01 & 02)

3uhox 101 Sep 08, 2011 at 22:49

Spaceship Shooter 0.1

a friend of mine and I had been working on this spaceshooter inspired by StarFox (but without rails) or and old pc game called Terminal Velocity, do you remember that one ?


So basically, there are some improvements on the ground texture, adding some layers and bump maps. more progress soon !
Some improvements on Terminal 0.1:

Enemy Fire (red one) with a better contrast, particles now leave a trail so it helps to understand the direction of the attacks. The second screenshot shows a “hurt screen”, bloody, red to let the player feel visually the damage taken. Among this effect the camera “wobble” when you receive damage, this last script can be found here.

Third screenshot shows a starting point for the player, a special pod where to reappear if the player dies. Le Checkpoint !

Also added a kill cam and some physics to the spaceship when your life reach 0 hp. give it a try to see what’s have been accomplished so far !

Control scheme beta design (I’ll probably add a couple commands)

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