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Jakub 101 Aug 13, 2011 at 19:11

Hello, seeing so much attention on some aspects of AI here i would like to introduce you my devblog about AI and programming in Python/Sheedskin->C++.

Here is the link:

Dont get scared of polish content. You can easily use google translator to translate everything. If something is not “understandable”, just leave a comment under article. I will do best translation i can do ASAP.

Im open for every proposition of topic to be described.
To warm you up, please look in the movies section. Somewhere there is movie about swarm of bees in 3d, which are gathering nectar from flowers. Bees are controlled by ANN, trained by my own algorithm, called “firebug optimisation” which works great. ANN controls velocities of bees in all dimmensions, so mission isnt trivial ;)

This will be described soon in beutiful and long article. Stay tuned, leave comments, propositions, lets make use of AI in our lives :)

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Jakub 101 Oct 23, 2011 at 16:12

since the last time a lot has changed.
I have added some new content and translated current articles to english.
They are:
-Neural gas algorithm
- SVM for linear and non linear problems
- evolutionary stategies
- segmentation and image compresion with neural gas
- perceptron in QT and portin there a matplotlib
- particle swarm optimisation
- writing own talking chatbot.

Pointing bugs, comments, requests for clarification or new articles are welcome.