Amplify - Virtual Texturing for Unity Pro

Anonymous Jul 15, 2011 at 09:00


Amplify is a Virtual Texturing extension for Unity Pro that allows scene/level designers to use a large amount of textures, quite literally up to hundreds of gigabytes, without worrying about streaming or GPU memory limits.

We’ve built a tech demo to demonstrate an extreme case in which we used roughly 10 GB of raw texture data, most of it uniquely painted, in a relatively small scene. If you look closely, at certain viewpoints you can actually see most of the textures in the scene without it affecting performance.

Due to extremely high texture density and variation, this demo would not be feasible even on a recent high-end GPU without resorting to this kind of technology. This video was recorded at HD resolution (1280x720) on a 8800GT which is capable of running this demo, using full post-processing effects, at an average of 50 frames per-second.

Tech demo features, most already available in Unity Pro:
* Deferred rendering path
* Cascaded shadow maps (4 splits)
* Contrast enhancement
* Bloom effects
* Screen-space ambient occlusion
* Fast-Approximage Anti-Aliasing
* Cubic color correction

Amplify features:
* Virtual textures up to 512K x 512K.
* Seamless integration with Unity Editor.
* Real-time WYSIWYG editing.
* Per-material diffuse+coverage, normal and glossiness textures.
* Per-material textures larger than 4K x 4K.
* Texture repeat / tiling.
* Trilinear filtering.
* High-quality lossy texture compression.
* Support for dynamic surfaces.
* Automated incremental builds and deployment.
* High performance.
* Low memory footprint.
* Standalone Windows and Mac support.

To download and try the demo, or learn a bit more about Amplify, please refer to our official product page.

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rouncer 104 Jul 15, 2011 at 11:32

hey wow unity is getting better and better!