Is there a pure action MMORPG?

Trifien007 101 Jun 14, 2011 at 16:14

I haven’t looked very hard so there very well may be one. However i don’t know of it. What i want is a true hybrid of an action game and roleplayer that’s MMO. Full with a large world, quests, parties, bosses that need; tanks, healers, dps, heals, etc. This sounds like any good MMORPG like WOW right? Well this has grown boring to me. I want to be able to get in a fight and actually hit a button for each attack instead of running up to an enemy, hit one button to start attacking and press other buttons for spells.

For example:
You see an enemy in the distance and shoot an arrow at it to draw it’s attention. Let’s say it’s a goblin. It starts to run at you but it can shoot fire at you as it runs, or even has to stop to cast it. In any other mmo there is nothing to stop this fire from hitting you unless you kill the goblin from a range. But in this game you could run behind a tree to avoid the blast. Maybe the goblin then hides to avoid other arrow shots to lure you and shoots it’s own fire balls from cover from time to time. So this could be a gun fight if you are a mage or archer.
Now let’s say you are not a range class and you need to draw it to melee range. When you draw it near you don’t just stand face to face mashing buttons to do skills as you autoattack. You have to actually hit a button for every slash of the sword like Kingdom Hearts or Dynasty Warriors for example. If the goblin swings at you, you can actually roll to the side to avoid that hit. Maybe it’s going to do a ground based blast, then you could jump over it. Obviously it would be silly to be able to avoid everything. Like boss battles could have moves that are unavoidable. You would have much less life than other games too, requiring you to actually maneuver and play smart and skilled.

Now with a tank, healer, and dps for bosses I could imagine this. Lets say we are fighting a giant golem. The tank would use an aggro move to keep its attention on it. But the tank would still need to try to avoid the avoidable swings and spells of the golem. It could also throw rocks in the air in a radius so dps and healers have to dodge that too. Maybe the golems back is it’s weakpoint and he tries to keep moving so the dps has to work for the hits. The healer could even have to fend off little easy to kill golems too. Maybe kite them near the dps to kill them.

I realize this would require a LOT of scripting and time to pull off such a game. But isn’t about time some developer walks up to the plate and deliver it to us? Maybe my examples were a little vague or my motives too grand. I would just drool over the chance to play such an potentially amazing game. I would love to hear some other ideas and feedback on this. Constructive criticism as well. Oh yeah, this game would require a controller and a keyboard to type in cities and over local areas. But a headset would be optimal to talk to parties in the heat of battle.

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Trifien007 101 Jun 14, 2011 at 16:16

Also I have a lot more I can add to this, but I will wait to hear from others first.

Vee 101 Jun 15, 2011 at 09:23

So basically what you are looking for is an MMO that requires skill to play over RNG. Is this correct?

Kekke88 101 Jun 15, 2011 at 20:06

TERA, sounds like what you’re describing..
Bloodline Champions is a game that requires skill over RNG.

xyzwrgba 101 Jun 16, 2011 at 16:19

This sounds exactly like the MMO my team have in development right now. I agree with you 100% on this. Most new MMO’s come out with some amazing graphics but when it comes to combat… meeh snorefest.

Anyway I would love to hear more of your ideas.

rouncer 104 Jun 16, 2011 at 20:04

love to hear you kids talking about the mmo’s… i want decent combat too, i concer with you fellas.

blandaxt 101 Jun 25, 2011 at 07:34

what i would really like to see is an mmorpg that emphasises the coonection between players and the enviroment around it. i wish it was action too, but even if its not too action as long as i can change even a little of the enviroment around me. like if im casting a spell, let me see wind or some kind of effect happen around my character. its doesnt have to be for every spell either and what would be worse is iff they put the same effect on every spell. that just ruins the whole effect addon like dragonball z, the charging your key efffect, i have that they made charging every characters chi the same colr and the same size. all the same. another very important aspect in games is the monsters, if a monster lives in a cave but is the same species withe another monster living in the forest, make it have at least a little physical difference. like it if its a mushroom, the cave one should at least have rocks on its head or have weird fungy emating from it. these small things actually matter a lot for someone to get into the game. i mean if im aatacking a monster that has a totally different name, why does it have the same apperance. it just detroys the gaming experience. wow, i adding a lot, hhehe. well the last part wish i would like to add is this is not just something i loooove soo much but every fantasy or almost every fantasy mmorpj should have flying in it. arrghh, i so wish the did, i mean everyone loves the experience of soaring through the air or watching how tiny things look up from the sky. i soo wish the did, like have clouds in the sky and have another leveling aspect for the flying so the player can fly faster or have a diving aspct just for fun. i mean flyyff flying is cool, but why stop there. expand it more. its waaayy more fun that way. oh well, i’ll stop there, i think i’ve just about wrote an essay. well if anyone made it this far down reading my giberish, thanks for listening to my thoughts. hope this can make a difference to developers out there.

Goldbott 101 Jun 25, 2011 at 18:05

Our team is currently designing something of that type, the combat system will be real-time and will feature a type of balanced environment system, for instance if you were to kill five hundred herbivores you would see an increase in the vegetation and a decrease in the carnivore population, this is implemented through a logic system on the server that keeps track of the population of different “animals” and “plants” and uses certain variables to calculate the number that should be spawned, the combat works as you might expect, when the user fires a bullet from his gun it sends a message throughout the network that that persons gun is firing, and what type of gun he has, then using this information it updates the other clients to create the bullet, a similar system works with ray-casting guns, substituting a ray-cast for bullets of course, the key to this is making sure your sending as little data as possible when this happens, so rather than making the bullet a networked entity and updating it’s position and rotation across the server you declare the state of the bullet being fired and since the same logic applies across the network all clients will see the same effect. Note that the other users in the scene are network entities, so the gun attached to them is already in the scene as a remote object that is also a property of the remote user, thus limiting the needed network entities to the players inside the Area of Interest, this should technically allow the player to use these combat methods while playing on a large scale without any network problems, right now we’re projecting 500CCU per arbitration server (the server that handles AI, database connections, and other centralized logic) but that may be a bit hopeful. Make sure you take a look at the Proof Of Concept videos when it’s ready in a few months, or you can sign up to be in the POC as an investor, developer, or player when we get further along in development. We have basic combat, player sync, database management, and character management ready, inventory, advanced combat, AI, and vehicle logic will be next on the list. The environment system will be later on, and might only be available in the POC as an early demonstration.

DeBraveMan 101 Jun 25, 2011 at 21:46

Theirs many MMo’s like this now:
Core Blaze
Dragon Nest
Last Online
Divine Souls
RaiderZ Online
Continent of the Ninth –C9
Guild Wars 2
Rusty Hearts Online
…the list goes on and many are in development, just wait to you see more.

rouncer 104 Jun 26, 2011 at 09:11

id like an mmo that plays like an arcade game.
like debravman says, some companies do just this, and id be one of them, i spose what goes into a good arcade game tho? lots of things.

jorian9001 101 Apr 16, 2013 at 00:58

have you guys heard about fallen earth? it’s like an mmofps and mmorpg in one, the world is HUGE and the specialisation options are way too much \^\^

DracheHexe 101 Apr 16, 2013 at 09:19

Can’t say I’m for the more action oriented MMOs. As a guy who could never pull off the six plus button combos in fighting games I hate to see MMOs become dominated by the people who have the best reflexes. The “standard” MMO format I like because it it at least keeps me competitive in PVP and in dungeons/instances action oriented MMOs tend to reward players who can pull off better combos than those who can’t.

I don’t think it’s really fair that a person such as myself with slower relflexes should be punished by less reward on a consistent basis even though I put up as much time and effort as everyone else but could only pull off 3 buton combos instead of 8 button combos. It also removes any chance of gamers like me from being able to enjoyPVP at all.

While doing dungeons and instances and boss fights in the “standard” MMO combat scheme is a 1223224 rinse/repeat scenario there is still skill needed in PVP and the combat system in most MMOs are balanced enough to where I can stay competitive. In action oriented PVP combat I would be conpletely useless.

And I just noticed that this forum doesn’t let my browser spellcheck for me as I type.