A quick question though..

Vee 101 May 24, 2011 at 11:54


After reading through so many posts, I couldn’t find any considerable advice. Now everything is relative, and I expect any kind of reaction from people.

Now, caution, a little wall of text incoming. If you can spare the time np, if not, jump to last paragraph.
First, I understand this is a developer forum. U got my respect ladies and gents. Couldn’t be one though as wasn’t really that much into it. Games? Hell yes.
Now I have a dilemma: I saw many game ideas, most of them cool I guess, but nothing that would make my heart jump out on my keyboard screaming : THIS WILL BE A HIT. No. And I’m not being ignorant here. It’s not easy though to make it jump after 20+ years of xp in games. Played most of the genres and platforms starting with the ancient HC 90 ( Load Runner ftw ) ending with Rift. Just imagine that when you were attending school, I was skipping it playing SC on ladder, earning money off Homm3 contests, etc. So consider that 80% of my free time in 28 years has been spent in gaming. Had offers for game tester positions, denied them though.
Second, I see that most of the games are coming from the Devs. It makes sense on one side, you being able to actually build it, doesn’t make sense on the other side, because I’m not sure exactly how much time you invested in placing the game on a paper, discussing it with other gamers, reading forums, obtaining feedback, etc. I agree you should have credit for the building of the game, however I see nothing innovative, nothing put in place for good. I understand that I’m probably asking much HOWEVER, you neglected some of the basics in the creation of a game. From my point. The idea. It’s like you are a construction worker, I agree you can build a house by your own, though I won’t sleep in it just in case it collapses. Have you the Architectural knowledge, the math to apply so that your walls will sustain your roof, and so on?

Last paragraph + question:
My question will be a simple one (I’m thinking it is from your point of view). I’m hoping I will get a good answer and not trolling, flaming, etc.
I have an idea. A very good one. Why am I saying this? Well you will have to trust me, haven’t registered it yet.
I have an idea of a game top to bottom ( starting with the way it looks, reacts, feels, everything you can think about a game ) however no skills in programming. I’m not the first to say this nor the last.
The question is : What do I do with it ?
Taking it to a company ? I thought about that and it’s the best solution I’ve got so far. I have no other solutions come up into my mind. Bear in mind I’ve thought about mostly everything. Making a huge game by myself means I’ll have to quit my job work day and night for 10 years lets say and in the end tananam ! I got it. No, too much waste of the time and in 10 years the idea might pop up in somebody else’s mind. Anyway I can continue this monologue forever as I already had dealt with that.
I’m open to suggestions/questions/answers if I may get any here.

Thank you for the time and sorry for the mistakes, it’s my 3rd language.


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TheNut 179 May 24, 2011 at 13:25


The question is : What do I do with it ?

The Entrepreneur: Start a company and hire experts to implement your idea.
The Developer: Learn the trade and implement your idea.
The Supporter: Promote your idea online. Build a website to attract others to develop the idea in an open sourced environment.
The Dreamer: Continue as normal. Most gamers fall into this category.

Know that ideas are a dime a dozen. Doesn’t matter if it’s original or not.
Learn from Master Yoda.

yoda.jpg“Do or do not. There is no try”

alphadog 101 May 24, 2011 at 14:20

Honestly, this post is a mess of assumptions, many typical. A couple of points:

Teams make games, esp. big titles, not devs. Teams include devs, artists, designers, and even external domain experts.

Teams brainstorm all the freaking time. Ideas come fast and fluid in a boiling pot like that.

Your idea is just that. Many ideas come and go, but may not be easily implementable or may not be sellable to a wide audience. Lots of time ideas that excite you will fall flat at large.

Because you have played lots of games doesn’t mean you are a good designer. It’s a necessary ingredient, but not the only one.

If you have an idea and no “pedigree” in the industry, your *only* real option is to start it out yourself. Your options include:
a) find money and fund it yourself
;) prototype/mod it on some existing game with “game creator” built in (prototypes don’t have to be perfect) and then get with a publisher or build a team
c) prototype/mod it in something like Blender/Unity and then get with a publisher or build a team
d) find an indie team that you can help with their current project, get on their good side over time, then suggest your idea once you have their trust
e) work as a tester in a large studio, network and make connections, and eventually start a team on the side with colleagues
f) work in a smaller studio as a tester/QA, move into doing design as fast as you can (ask to help with documentation!) and get your idea in play once senior.

Those are some of your options.

Deiphoboz 101 May 24, 2011 at 19:15

What kind of idea are you talking about?

What is it that makes it so big and special ?

Vee 101 Jun 20, 2011 at 14:26


What kind of idea are you talking about? What is it that makes it so big and special ?

It’s kinda hard to expose my full idea here. It’s lots of info.

Let’s say that : 1) it’s balanced 2) it’s different in some aspects, ofc it’s not something completely new, that is actually quite hard to come up with, 3) it will sell as it’s oriented towards all kinds of gamers : pro, casual, pve, pvp, rp. If your interested in more details, give me a private message and I will respond asap. I’m looking for a developer and a graphic guy in order to be able to tell if it can be done.

Let me know :)