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vrnunes 102 Apr 28, 2011 at 09:00


These are three different screenshots produced in realtime by Etherea1, the engine&game I’m developing in my spare time for about 1 year now. Etherea1 is a multiplayer solar system that can be explored freely by the players. My current daily work is on mobile IT programming (wireless terminals). That is a cool work anyway, but absolutely unrelated to game programming. At my house, on weekends, I do program little engines and games (and keep the up) just because I can’t stop loving it.

The engine itself is already able to handle much more than a single solar system, but I’m not applying this just yet. Lets concentrate on a single solar system for now.

I am still implementing the networking functionality of the Etherea1 Engine.

As said in this project’s previous IOTD, I am developing both the engine and the game in C++ with OpenGL.

The engine is a custom, spherical Quadtree that can split indefinitely (currently it is being split up to level 12, as can be seen in the demo). Every time a node is split, new content is generated realtime and on demand.

Techdemo download: (Windows, \~92kb)

As a work in progress, there are bugs yet, but I’m progressing as much as I can to finish this game before the end of the next month. The program is under heavy development, so updates will be frequent on this download link – with bugfixes, adjustments and enhancements on the Techdemo.

The background music is an old and great chiptune done by ‘Skaven’.
Programming is by me, ‘Imerso’.


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vrnunes 102 May 05, 2011 at 07:50

Well… the techdemo is updated, I found a bug that probably was causing a crash on some (many?) machines… hope it is fixed now.

Next release in some days, with a basic multiplayer.

vrnunes 102 May 17, 2011 at 05:55


The current version has a rudimentar multiplayer. The login is the same as the forum (free registration, sorry but at least that is needed). People who connect can see each other, but no war mode yet (17/05/11 02:50AM GMT-3).

There are lots of things to do yet, like proper z-sorting, collision between players, the war mode, scores to be shown in forums and main page, internal chat, etc. In other words, there is no game yet, only connect and see people who connect.

The networking layer is already implemented properly, but I had not enough time to implement things client-side. Also, I think interpolation will probaly need some retouch.

You need to allow udp port 31337 and tcp port 31338 for it to work in online mode.

Please post the log file in the forums, if the program crashes in your machine!

Soon I’ll have some days to include a spacestation, and finally the war mode (firing, explosions, an objective to make it fun to play).