Pulse Game Engine

refleX 101 Jan 23, 2011 at 08:40

Hi, I’m looking for people to test out the current engine I’ve been developing and give some design pointers. The engine is for 2d game development and is in it’s beta stage of development. This is an open source engine so you can use the code in your own projects if you want.

(requires Qt Creator)

Version : 1.5b

Platforms :
- Win32
- Linux(you are responsible of installing all the required libraries for this platform)

Required IDE : Qt Creator (this will change when it gets a final release)

Features :

  • Renders with OpenGL compatibility profile to support older hardware
  • Has support for FBO, Shaders, ShaderPrograms for hardware that supports them
  • Can render sprites, text, primitives(lines, squares, circles)
  • Includes particle system
  • Addition classes to render tile maps, speech dialogs, particle emitters, animation tweens (all of which are created by an external game creator(will be available in weeks to follow))
  • Supports multiple view ports and cameras

  • AudioEngine manages your cues and background music(streams)
  • Can play audio streams or cues

  • Can save/load resources in archives or separate in it’s own native format
  • Support loading in commonly used image formats
  • Supports ttf otf font loading
  • Audio is loaded in Ogg format (free ogg conversion software)

  • Basic scripting support via lua(dev)

  • Keyboard & Mouse input management (joypad is in dev)
  • Key mapping

  • Plugin support to extend existing/add features

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Kenneth_Gorking 101 Jan 23, 2011 at 19:02

Sounds good, but I’m getting a missing .dll error for mingwm10.dll

refleX 101 Jan 24, 2011 at 05:44

@Kenneth Gorking

Sounds good, but I’m getting a missing .dll error for mingwm10.dll

You should not be getting that error if you are running the demo inside of the Qt Creator environment.

Look in ./Game-build-desktop/release/ there should be a list of .dlls(mingwm10.dll included) that are required to run the sample outside of the Qt environment, just move them next to the exe.