Game Designer Needs Advice ! ^_^ MS Game Design

indiangamer 101 Dec 19, 2010 at 02:35

I have a strong passion towards animation and game development. I have a few queries regarding the course and the job opportunities. Namely,

  1. I have been visiting websites of various colleges. The curriculum for Game Design in Canadian Institutions concentrate more on the development of the designer’s -sketching,animating and script writing abilities whereas your curriculum involves improving the management skills and technical abilities of the student. I wanna know what the industry is looking out for. When it comes to Game Designing as a job , what is expected from him.Does he lead the designing team or he joins as a designer and gets promoted ?

  2. I have a very creative mind , I posses the ability to sketch and model(2d n 3d) and graphics excite me and as I am a Computer Science engineer, I can code in C, C++ and Java. I can see the scope of improvement in the Game Development side too. So, I feel that by the end of my Post Graduate degree , I must come out as an ideal game designer,developer .I wanna know if the students are given an environment in which they get to see the development process of a game, because design isn’t everything. Will any institute help me gain experience in development too ?

  3. I know how to use flash , photoshop and maya. I learnt all these from online tutorials. I have used these softwares for symposiums and culturals conducted in our college. I have been in the designing realm of the technical team for 3 years and now am the General Secretary and Technical Team head of my department.What should I know prior to joining this course ?

  4. On completion of the program, I will be needing a job in order to gain some experience in the field. I understand the pain anyone has to go through to get a job and especially in this field we need to run from company to company carrying our portfolio and resume’.How good are the opportunities.

Eagerly awaiting for a reply

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