Game Logic Network or framework for gameserver?

random 101 Sep 18, 2010 at 02:39

Hello i am currently using Irrlicht as GameEngine, what i am now searching for is the propper backend server for a 3D mmo game.

I first thought there might be a open source gameserver

what i found was:
Red Dwarf ( ) JAVA
MonterSLS ( ) C++ / LUA

Formerly i played a bit arround with Red5 server (Mediaserver similar to Adobe´s commercial Media Server) which is based on:

Apache Mina ( ) JAVA

and i found thisone here:
Boost.Asio ( ) C++

Can someone recomend me something that is Opensource, Free to Use (also in commercial Projects), stable, clusterable which handles the simple game logics, threading, garbage collections and presistance for me?

Java or C++ would be fine.

thx in advance

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fireside 141 Sep 18, 2010 at 18:22

There’s Marauroa. The game Stenhal uses it.

alphadog 101 Sep 20, 2010 at 12:37

What you have above is a crazy mix of different types of engines and networking libraries. I’m wondering if you know what you are shopping for?

RDS is a pretty decent, server-side engine, but it still only satifies a small section of all the technologies involved in an MMO. Never heard of MonsterSLS; I would steer away due to lack of community and resources. MINA and Boost.ASIO are purely IO engines that help with lower-level plumbing that you would have in a game server like RDS. Unless you think you want to roll your own (RYO) backend, they won’t be of any use.

The problem is that an “MMO engine” is really a huge undertaking, because it ranges from lobby services, server management tools, advanced networking services, to umpteen other things. I can’t think of a complete-enough one that is free.

The closest is BigWorld’s indie license.

random 101 Sep 21, 2010 at 07:46

well i know that with Boost.Asio and Mina i would have to implement anything by my own, RedDwarf formerly known as project darkstar was featured by java and oracle now its a private project…

what i recently whant is something like an application server wich has an API that will allow me to write my own application but handles the presistance and is multithreaded, clusterable, handles the connections well and is free.

thx for comments

alphadog 101 Sep 21, 2010 at 14:30

Honestly, I don’t think there exists a decent, full middleware stack for MMOs for free, yet. Paid, yes, but free no. Big World is close, but you have to pony up $300 for the indie license. Relative to the price, you get quite the MMO stack, but the absolute number may be out of your budget.

Another project I thought of is to check out IndieZen. If you are going to have to roll a lot of it on your own, maybe joining forces could get you there faster.