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Vilem_Otte 117 Jun 18, 2010 at 14:00


Hello again,

I appologize for my absence here on forums, but I’m currently very busy as I’m working on more projects simuateously.
To the topic. This project is one of the most advanced and it is going to be released very soon, then I will have more time on other projects.

What is done, what isn’t done yet?
Graphics is mostly done, what you see is what you shall get … on medium quality. My engine can do things like full scale global illumination, high quality water surface (through compute shaders), and much more … althought I found that it is not very good to use all these effects throughout the debugging and alpha phase in which is the project right now. Although everything can be turned on/off through simple INI file (and in near future through completed main menu … erm… as soon as I draw some nice buttons).

Particles are done and cool :D … okay not so cool, I will add better textures to them before release of course, but particles are always somehow cool.

Physics is also done, okay a bit more physics objects will be added along really good maps with lots of visually attractive flying stuff :) this is just alpha phase test map.

Game logic is also done, you have to go through some defined checkpoints and into finish. And also other aspects of game mechanics is included (as just driving would be boring in my opinion, especially as this game is multiplayer)

Artifical intelligence is not done, although it has been designed and it is awaiting me to implement it.

Networking is halfway done, LAN multiplayer is working … but still the major part - multiplayer through internet is not (and also there is no running database of current games on my server).

Main menu is not done, ehm… GUI classes and everything is done, except … I just simple can’t get cool idea of GUI textures - e.g. I haven’t got painted buttons and font (don’t laugh roughly on floor, I’m serious … and probably too lazy to paint them, damn… I need to get it done, starting right after this post).

Sounds are done, sound engine through OpenAL is working and it sounds as … cars and engines and such things.

Music is done also, except one thing - not enough good tracks for racing game, I’ll have to get some (I’m probably going to visit some musicans around here, or contact some through email).

Cars are bit done, my friend modelled me several (the number is 2 now, but it is growing), but well I’m going for more (around 10) … right now a Jeep car and Sports car are done.

Tracks are a bit of problem, I’ve got just this one for test … but I’m going to create 8 or 10 of them (so the game will really be The Game).

About game
Of course you know what is/isn’t done, so I also have to write about game a bit. The game is focused on multiplayer, but also gives you ability to play single player, or combined - e.g. 2 artifical players, 2 real players.
Currently there are 2 game modes (and there might be 3 in final, based upon how lazy will I be), first is time trial (used for testing) - it is just in single player mode and the best times can be sent to our server (well can’t, I still don’t run database right now … but in few weeks) along with names ofc.
Second is available in both - single or multi play, it is standard race against players, but … well you know I love exploding things - so it is arcade a bit … a bit too much. But well I won’t tell you details right now.
Third mode might be race against each other, but without arcade bonuses (although I think it might not be played as much as other modes).

Game requierments
Right now, the game needs pretty new hardware - GeForce 8 series and higher, or Radeon HD series and higher, CPU around 2Ghz single core (multi cores are better, as I do use threading), and around 512 MiB of memory (but 1 GiB would be better in final), and MS Windows XP operating system (Vista and 7 are also supported).
I also think about Shader Model 3.0 GPUs fallback (e.g. GeForce 7 and Radeon X series), but don’t know if it has sense - asking for your opinion please :)

Libraries the game uses
Currently game uses some libraries that made my life a bit easier, first one is OpenGL, then comes OpenAL and right after it HAVOK (thanks to Intel).
My life was also made easier by Iceberg Lake release of my engine - where I built all my editors that made my life easier a bit more … it’s great that I wasn’t that lazy and made them :)

Pictures along with main one
Are from test map, so it is moreless empty and there is nothing in it :( … it doesn’t represent quality of maps in full release of demo and whole game.

Release date
Ehm… I don’t know, I would like to release the demo before July and game as soon as possible, but I like to take my time (and not release some beta version) … I just want to release full version of this :P

Website of this project is not yet completed … but you can visit my blog where I write from time to time about this project -

I’d like to say thanks here to whole community, as this community gave me idea to extend the Car demo into full game and it is in process :).
If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them … any criticism, points, comments are also welcome as every note.

Some more screenies:

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vrnunes 102 Jun 18, 2010 at 14:50

Very nice!

Models (mainly terrain) need some retouch, though. When you retouch that terrain this thing will shine!

Oh, and I never agreed to the statement “LAN is done, but WAN is not”. They are the same thing to me! Are you referring to bandwidth usage, latency and error control? Because code-wise it can’t be different, how could be?

But a great work for sure, congratulations.

fireside 141 Jun 18, 2010 at 15:53

Looking good. Some bushes or something might help a little. The terrain looks a little bland, even for desert.

Vilem_Otte 117 Jun 19, 2010 at 19:08

Thanks for your replies.

#vrnunes - as for LAN and WAN, no code-wise problems are present, they are of course the same. But some error handling is not complete, along with SQL database of running games on my server and also password protection is missing (for both LAN and WAN).

#vrnunes & fireside - as for models, this is internal alpha version … so models are a bit too much programmer art (except cars, but they’re missing textures to get dirty and such things that will be present in final game). Better tracks with much more complex enviroments are on its way :)

rouncer 103 Jun 20, 2010 at 06:24

I wouldnt call that car programmer art, thats damn fine looking :) awesome car.

Its a pity we cant play, cause for a racing game thats the most important part, the car physics, but im sure youve done a good job. :)

Vilem_Otte 117 Jun 20, 2010 at 17:34

Thanks, I also plan to add some dirty map (that car will get more and more dirty while driving in sand and undirty itself while in water) … but that is just detail.

You can’t play yet (although I’ve finished and debugged first game mode yesterday) … in near future I hope to have first demo track (full one, not this testing one) finished and then I’m gonna release the demo for public :)