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Anders_Pistol 101 Jun 14, 2010 at 14:00


Puzzle Dimension and Traktor Engine

About Puzzle Dimension:
-“Brain exercise in 3D - Train your spatial visualization ability and learn to navigate more and more complex 3D puzzles. The objective “pick all the unflowers” sounds simple - but Puzzle Dimension is not your ordinary game world. Here up and down are relative terms as the gravity depends on where you roll the ball. Your progression changes the audiovisuals - the retro look explodes in a fountain of pixels, revealing HD visuals. And the music reacts to your progress by blending between crystal clear music and C64-style chip tunes. This is the interactive setting for the puzzles. Solve the 100 puzzles by navigating maze-like winding 3D structures. Unlock alternate graphical themes and compare your score with other players in the leaderboards.”

We’re planning on releasing the game on Windows, OSX, PS3, iPhone and iPad, further platforms might be available later. Release is scheduled at end of June.

We’ve been up-to 7 people working on this title for about a year now but the technology behind it, Traktor Engine, has been in development for a really long time and thus have some interesting features:

  • Compiles and runs on x86, x64, PowerPC, ARM architectures.

  • Shader graph based renderers using same graphs across all platforms. No distinction is made between vertex and pixel shaders which let’s the renderer handle balancing performance vs accuracy automatically based on different costs such as instruction count, interpolator cost etc.

All effects, such as HDR, SSAO etc, are implemented using shader graphs which makes porting them to other backends non-existent.

Supporting DirectX 9, DirectX 10, OpenGL, OpenGL ES2, GCM and software (shaders are emulated through jitted SSE2)

  • Flash(tm) based UI with a Flash player entirly written from scratch supporting full AS2 and GPU acceleration.

  • luaJIT or V8 javascript scripting used for game entities.

  • Tons of effort has been put into the tools and editor to make them intuitive and easy to work with. For instance we support realtime update of all types of assets into all running instances of the game. Click’n’play the game directly from the Editor either locally or remote on ex PS3, iPhone or other PCs.

  • Unified physics interface which lets us try the game using different physics engines seamlessly. Currently supporting Bullet, Havok, PhysX and ODE.

  • All the other necessary bells and whistles such as particle system, terrain, sound, networking, online, video etc. is also available.

Anders Pistol, CTO
Doctor Entertainment AB


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