Twilight 2D Game Engine

_damN_ 101 Feb 06, 2010 at 15:00


The Twilight game engine has been in development for the past year and a half now, starting out as nothing more than an experiment, it has turned out to be a fully blown game engine using nothing more than the windows API and C++. The idea is that it will be as easy to use as possible, but give desirable flexibility to the developer. This is by no means an advanced game engine, but is the perfect tool for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of game development and game coding.

Engine Details:

-Create up to 10 parallax scrolling backgrounds
-Extensive sprite class for sprite creation and manipulation.
-Add gravity and motion to sprites to give them realism.
-Frame animation for animating sprites and backgrounds.
-Load images and manipulate them by stretching them etc.
-Load different sound types(.wav, .midi).
-Use the Map Editor for creating, saving and loading maps for use in the engine.
-Supports keyboard, mouse and joysticks.
-Tile map capabilities for creating isometric games.
-Make games and have fun!!!

These are just some of the capabilities of the engine. This is the ideal engine for someone who is just starting to learn game programming. The Map Editor was even created using the game engine itself, so its useful. And because its so easy to code with, its fun! For more information and more screenshots, you can follow us on facebook by searching for “Carbon Software” and adding us! We need your support! :-D

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TheNut 179 Feb 07, 2010 at 05:43

What? We’re not good enough for a demo? Not even a video? Hmf! :lol:

It looks nice and the fact that you say the engine is easy to work with is a plus for you. Nothing beats having something you created that’s also easy to work with and can pump out the games. You didn’t list any particle emitter support though, but I imagine you left that one out? No scroller is complete without particles!

One note I have is the background in that screenshot is a little busy. I would have a tough time following myself and dodging incoming fire. Looks nice, but difficult to fight off alien hordes and save the world once again :)

One last thing. You mentioned the engine is limited to 10 parallax scrolling backgrounds. Why limit it? Just let your engine support as much as needed by the level editor. Let the hardware requirements of the user’s machine decide the limits. I would be concerned if you had a hard coded array in there.

_damN_ 101 Feb 07, 2010 at 08:36

Hello! And thanks for the replies! I enjoy constructive crit.

Well i decided to limit the scrolling backgrounds to 10 because lets face it, ive never seen a game with more than about 4, however i should be able to change that quite easily to as many as the programmer would like.

Regarding the particle emitter… There isn’t actually a proper particle emitter to be honest! That is something im DEFINATELY going to add soon! However there are simple workarounds to that in the engine. You can dynamically add sprites to the game that look like particles, and then kill them off after a certain amount of time. And because of the sprite class in the engine, it would be easy to add motion, gravity, velocity etc. to the particles. The engine seems to be able to handle a few hundred sprites before it takes any significant speed hit.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas and advice! I will be sure to get a demo up somewhere just for you;-) In the mean time, check out some screenshots of other types of games made with the engine, either on facebook or at