my new synth

rouncer 103 Jul 22, 2009 at 04:20


This is a pic of my new synth im putting together as a vst plugin, you use it like an fm synth except ive got a global filter and vibrato unit that goes on the top of everything and im predicting thats going to make it sound a lot better.

The operators are morph from saw tooths, with a modifier that distorts it into a square, adds pulse width and low passes harmonics to get it to put out a sine wave… also on top of this which im really proud of that makes this synth sound different from any other is you get to add a phaser per operator also and you can tune it to any frequency.

Also, to fix note stability issues, it actually realtime resamples the synth to make notes instead of actually playing multiple frequencies, that way its guaranteed to make the same sound at every note.

I hope to sell this synth as a vst plugin and make some cash, it should make some really good noises for drum and bass and hardcore, and it would be really good for trance.

thanks, magnus. :)

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