Blit3D - Function Problem?

Slith3r 101 Jul 12, 2009 at 19:59

Hi guys, I made a fun little game in Blitz3D where the user has to guess my favorite color by pressing a number key. Once the number has been pressed that specific color will “disappear” off the screen and the user can continue guessing until he/she is right. Once the user chooses the correct answer, the program is supposed to go to a custom function I made, userWon(), clear the screen, display some text, and wait. For whatever reason, it seems to blast through the function and just quit the entire program. I’ve gone through everything multiple times with no luck. However, it does kind of work if you step through with the debugger. I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Link to file:

EDIT: Problem fixed. I replaced WaitKey with While not KeyHit(1) : Wend. Not sure why WaitKey wasn’t working

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