adding my music to my game

musicgamer 101 Jul 03, 2009 at 23:38

Alright, in a few months i’m gonna start on my game project using xna. I’m working on 3 themes for the game right now (using guitar). This may be a easy question to answer, i don’t know. What i need to know is how do i get the music into the game. I think i would have to go record it to a cd and download it to the computer, then add it to the game in some file.? but i dont know if it’s that simple or not. So could somebody please explain the steps involved.

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SamuraiCrow 101 Jul 04, 2009 at 00:08

If XNA is anything like the old versions of DirectX that I used to tinker with, you may be able to play MP3s with it. Also note that the CD ripping software that comes with Windows uses .WMA format instead of MP3 so you may have to download another CD-ripping program. (Having never worked with XNA it might actually work with .WMA anyway. Hopefully somebody more familiar with XNA will post here before too long.)

BTW, if you want XNA help you might mention that in the title of your post, eg. adding music to my XNA game.

musicgamer 101 Jul 04, 2009 at 00:30

Thanks for the info, SamuraiCrow. That would be smarter adding xna to the title, but i don’t think i can change it now, can I?

rouncer 104 Jul 04, 2009 at 04:14

You can just play it back raw too, if you store it 11025 you can store 10 minutes worth of sound and bring it up real quick without streaming.

JarkkoL 102 Jul 04, 2009 at 19:47

You don’t need to burn your music to CD and rip it off. Your music authoring software probably directly outputs wav or mp3 or ogg, which you can copy to your program’s data directory. I would recommend using ogg vorbis since it has good size:quality ratio and doesn’t have patent issues like mp3, but I don’t know how this works with XNA. Anyway, if you can’t output directly the preferred format for XNA from your authoring software, then you can just use some (free) conversion program for it.