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CaffeinatedGuy 101 Apr 22, 2009 at 14:00


Well I was playing around with a new feature I added to editor so when you place an object you can specify a range to randomly rotate and scale it. I ended up just clicking down a bunch of statues and playing with the new lighting system. I thought it looked pretty cool so I thought I would share.

Here is some info about the shot:

Editor is a custom editor built in C# and .net. It uses the in game engine to display 3d through a Managed C++ wrapper.

I was running debug and getting 60 fps but since it is the same model the direct 3d instancing is really fast.

Here is a link to the Blog entry on the Caffeinated Games site:


Here is the info about the project incase you missed it from the previous post:

Target: DirectX 9.0c
Developed: Visual studio 2005

Point Lights,
Soft shadows,
All the usual stuff :)

Farmlands Synopsis info:

A board game with collectible items. You build farms,
plant crops, and battle over the center territory. Battles are
resolved through playing a slot machine mini game. There are all sorts
of items to collect. Different crops you can grow, power ups for your
farms, character or bombs, tornados, fire, etc to destroy crops, and
farms. There are also special buildings you can land on in the game.
At the end of level you earn new items to play with.

Here is a site that talks a bit about the game it is a year old so a bit outdated:

Here is the company site where I have a Blog on development progress and a social network of developers and gamers:

We are planning on releasing sometime the 3rd quarter of this year.


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