Sound card, speaker and speaker configuration

yuceltas 101 Apr 25, 2008 at 07:32

We are going to develop a train simulator for the education of machinist candidates. The simulator will be realistic like the real train, with all of its features. Hence, we need the sounds to be heard by the machinist like driving the real train. We are planning to collect the real train sounds on the train and use FMOD library to provide the sounds. I asked a question about the sound formats before. I want also to consult about the sound card, speakers and speaker configurations. We are planning to buy Creative X-Fi sound card for our simulator system, do you have any idea, which one of them is more appropriate? Also, we have not decided to buy which speaker system yet. Can you suggest me any idea, any choice about the speakers? In addition, how do we put the speakers in the cabin for the best performance? I uploaded a picture of the cabin and a schema to the flickr, the link is below.

Thanks for your help…

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harrisdefth 101 Oct 23, 2009 at 10:53

Nice idea for providing us information about Sound card, speaker and speaker configuration. Would you mind to let us know more about this? Thanks!