Why engines rating is incorrect?

Makumba666 101 Apr 04, 2008 at 10:03

I am visiting this site for years and every time Icome here, I wander, why engines are listed incorrectly. For example, Torque is always first (and always was). it has 3,5 stars of five - but still it is “Most Reviewed Commercial Engine”, how so?
Second in the list, TV3D SDK has 4 stars, C4 engine has 4,5 stars, so how it is possible Torque to lead the list?
Is this som kind of advertisment?

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starstutter 101 Apr 04, 2008 at 13:24

well, if you set the list to state the “most reviewed” (meaning the number of people that have reiwed it), it will put the ones on top that have been reviewed by the most people. However, that’s by no means a higher rating (as reviews can be praising or a flame-fest), it just means the engine is more well known.

Tourqe is crappy, but it’s by far the most famous engine out there. C4 is good, but it’s a shame that not to many really know about it. If you want the correct order you’re looking for, select sort by “overall rating” and “in descending order”.