Checkersbot for AI research?

onyxthedog 101 Feb 01, 2008 at 00:05

I have recently taken on an interest in AI, especially Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks, possibly even more than games, but the interest rate is probably more about 49% to 51% in games favor as of now. Anyway, I have been playing Internet Checkers that comes standard with XP. I cannot seem to beat the other players, I think they are probably more of a intermediate to advance levels rather than beginners but that is another story. I want to design a “bot” that has the ability to learn the game along with winning strategies that it can implement. We can do this as a school project, hobby, or actual research, what ever floats your boat. I want to implement methods that are using Genetic Algorithms/Programming to evolve Neural Networks. They should be able to record the results of the game’s major events, its best fit organisms, and its current Neural Network/Genes for later use. I want to do actual research using this. I might actually use this for a science project or something. If you were to help then you would be able to too, just get your instructers permission first. Like all software projects there is no actual guarantee that this will go through all the way.

Of course we would have to get some better studies of both Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, along with other forms of AI that could be useful. We would have to work on some small projects together in order to get a feel for each others programming style. Also, another thing is we would have to do some colaborative research to help us understand everything better. We would use C++ as our language of choice, along with maybe some assembly or a scripting language (possibly Python?). This is a long term goal too, is that this able to help us lead up to bigger projects.

Our team would need to be newer AI people along with more experienced AI people, that way we, newer people, would be able to learn about AI and the more advanced people can do research projects using it.
All positions are open, but it is not official as of yet that this will go down, just an idea. Please respond on possible resources, position filling, along with any advice.

P.S. We WILL need someone with the ability to create a “bot” program, this would only be so that we can make the automated moves. I do not want to research how to create bots my self due to the fact that there alot keyloggers that come with these programs that are already made. Any resources on where to get safe?

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monjardin 102 Feb 01, 2008 at 06:38
onyxthedog 101 Feb 02, 2008 at 01:14


FYI, checkers was solved last year.

I also figured it would help me with learning about many processes used in AI, not necessarily as a “first time to do it” kind of project. I already knew that someone somewhere had done it, but I figured it could be reused (kind of like Hello World or Travelling Salesmen Problem.). I do appreciate that you took the time to help me, though. Thanks for actually helping me and not just leaving me hanging!