Looking for small engine (incl. some demos) that is build for RPG games.

Saurfenion 101 Nov 04, 2007 at 21:32


Since I’m new to this forum (and game design overal) I hope I picked the right part of this forum for my question. That beeing said, I got the following question:

The last couple of weeks i’ve walking around with an idea about character development, character progression and combat for a (mmo)RPG.. Since I only want to focus on this part of game development, I’m looking for some sort of opensource engine / demo designed for RPG games.. With clear structures for characters, monsters, etc.. Which let me build in the ideas I have without having to worry about creating some sort of engine for graphics, content, etc.

Since the whole idea I got differs alot for the usual things you see in RPGs (it doesnt have any stuff like the basic stats you usely see in rpgs, nor does it has levels, etc).. Im looking for some sort of rpg game which lets me modify the whole character structures, monster structures, etc.. Without having to bother about making an actually game.. But do have some premade content in which i can test in my ideas (after i remade the character and monster classes/structures into my own ideas)..

I hope my question is clear since english isnt my native language, so be free to ask questions if you need to know more..

Best regards,

To make more clear about what i want to design ill write it down based on the “famous” World of Warcraft..

When you first start WoW you select your race + class.. You go out kill some mobs for XP, do some quests. Gain levels.. etc.. etc.. While you level you can specify some skills you want etc. etc..

First of all in my idea there are no classes.. no XP.. no levels.. Character design will be purely for how you want to look.. But “class” wise everyone starts out with the same basic character and during the gameplay the actions you take will redesign your character making it more and more unique compared to the other players.. How this happens is a story apart (and because of this I want to make some sort of demo’s to explain my idea).. One of the import things in this is that i need to have full control what happens when you kill (or not kill) certain monsters you encounter or quests you complete/fail.. Normally you just gain XP and XP is linked levels and levels decide to what your character can.. In my idea this is not the case.. So thats why i need the ability to completely rewrite a monster class/structure.. How quests works, etc, etc..

Another part is that in most RPGs you have a certain set of skills, which you can trigger during combat.. My idea takes a different look into this too and its hard to explain how i want this to happen, but i do need the possibility to rewrite the combat part (so i can display my ideas in a demo again)..

I hope this gives some more insight for what im looking for..

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Jare 101 Nov 05, 2007 at 08:11

Maybe a Neverwinter Nights mod? Not sure if it’s as customizable as you need, but could be worth a shot.

Saurfenion 101 Nov 06, 2007 at 00:05

Thnx for the advice, but i dont own the game and eventually i would never use it if i was really going to make something based on the ideas i got because i would want to make something indepent of other software/games.. I did decide to make a start on my ideas in C++ with only text in- and output and eventually i might add some 2d or 3d graphics to demonstrate the ideas i got (if i dont find an easy/compact engine).. But so far getting a text version of all the ideas i got is already a pretty heavy job but it does get me into C++ again (been ages since i used it :P)..

If someone got some simple 2d/3d engine which lets me easily rewrite some of the classes then still please let me know..

Dark_Bane_Studios 101 Nov 12, 2007 at 16:52

If you are shooting for an MMORPG, the Torque MMO Kit is a great solution. It is free, and the company that makes it also made the game Minions of Mirth. When you download the kit, you don’t get the source code, however. If you want source access, you need to own TGE 1.5.2, as well as the Arcane FX kit. The Kit can be used to make singleplayer RPGs as well, which is what I’m using it for. You can visit the site here: http://www.mmoworkshop.com. There is also an semi-stable Torque Game Engine Advanced version of the Kit, which adds DirectX 9 support, HLSL shaders, and some additional features such as specularity, emmisive materials, and normal maps. The TGEA version is incomplete, however I’ve chosen it for my project. Here is a screenshot of what I’ve been wokring on with the Torque MMO Kit:

mehsob 101 Dec 21, 2007 at 20:38

Why is he holding the sword by the pommel? Is it because his sword skill is low.
Thats pretty complex.

rogerdv 101 Dec 21, 2007 at 23:12

I dont know if FIFE engine is as easy as you want. But you should look at it. Also, try Worldforge for a complete MMORPG framework, but it is not so easy to underestand.

timothyinspa 101 Dec 22, 2007 at 09:01

Hey dark bane is torque mmoengine still available for download?? Cause I went to the site and couldn’t find the download link….