Sound in Revolution3D

s_triker 101 Oct 06, 2007 at 17:32

Hi all,
I would like to ask about one thing regarding development using Revolution 3D engine. I’m just trying to create simple scene with 3d objects and sound. Graphical part is ok, but when I try to play sound during rendering, playback is quite slow/discontinuous.

I use R3D engine in MS Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition (also tried in Visual C++, VB6) with this simple code:

Dim oSound As New R3D_SoundLib2
oSound.Sound_Load(_S(“sound01”), _S(“file.wav”), 0, 0)
oSound.Sound_Play(0, 0)

I also tried to play sounds in separate thread, but with no success.

Does anyone know hot to solve this?
I am about research of free 3d Engines capabilities for development of simple 3D game, so I would also appreciate any suggestions about different engines.

Thank you very much and please excuse my English :),

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